Mr. Cheddar: He’s Back on Bug Patrol! ;<)

 ched and the bug crop

Unfortunately for Mr. Cheddar, it’s been rather “slim pickin’s” this summer, when it comes to bugs to catch and


(reaction will depend on your species) 😉

to eat!

I’m sure my feline readers can relate to the delicacies of a nice fat bug !! 

But he has enjoyed a few culinary “delights” in the past few weeks.

And he keeps our apartment, BUG FREE. I ♥ that! 🙂

Happy Weekend from me and Mr. Cheddar.

He’s still a FEARLESS BUG WARRIOR extraordinaire! 😉

14 responses

  1. Our cats do that too! Me? I’d rather hold out for a cookie.

  2. Atta boy Mr. Ched, don’t have as many mice as I use to in the house Sammi was my mouser, anyhoo mostly bibittes and yeah my three can take care of them lol

  3. Cute picture! Our cat is enjoying the hunting season too. 🙂

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. That’s a first – a bug-eating cat!

  5. My girls don’t actually eat the bugs. They just play with them til they die and then they bring them in for me to admire. Lately it’s been grasshoppers!

  6. Mr. Cheddar is definitely still a Fearless Bug Warrior. But it has been slim pickin this year, when it comes to bugs.

  7. Good to see you again, Mr Cheddar. Let me just say that if you are starved of bugs I can supply loads of the damn things. My garden is rife with them, and they keep biting me, so you would be doing me a favour if you could see your way to popping over.

  8. Hi Rumpy, You are one smart dude!

    Hi Lorraine, Sounds like you’ve had the mouse issue covered too! 😉

    Hi GreenLightLady, Ah, the bug hunting season, it’s the most wonderful time of year, if you’re a feline!!!

    Hi LadyFi, As you can see by the comments, not all that unusual really. 😉

    Hi Cathy, Don’t ya just love those kinds of special gifts? I’ve had grasshoppers brought as offerings too, when I had outdoor cats who roamed the backyard. Yuck!!!

    Hi Joe, He is indeed!

    Hi Val, Send a plane ticket Val and Mr. Ched says your bug issues are history.

    Happy Snacking (but maybe NOT bugs!!!) G and Mr. C

  9. All our pets (a dog & 2 cats) eat bugs. It’s great. I’m especially impressed when they can catch flies.

  10. I thought cats only play with bugs. It’s a feline’s pleasure then.

  11. My person used to live in a house that got big spiders in the bathtub. Her cat at the time always took care of them for her. I’d better tell Scratchy, the cat I live with, that he’s not doing his job.

  12. Hi Terri, Sounds like you’ve got a well-trained group of bug-catchers. 😉

    Hi Edgar, Welcome to Veggies. It is a delicacy in the feline world, that’s for sure. 😉

    Hi Bongo, Nice to “see” you again Bongo. Yes, do have that chat with Scratchy, it’s definitely part of a feline’s job profile to catch bugs!!!

    Happy Long Weekend, G

  13. Looks like he is having fun for sure. 😀

  14. If you run out of bugs, I offer to share, too. 🙂 I watched a large cricket climbing the drapes and I went to the kitchen for a Dixie cup. When I came back, it took me a minute to spot it–sitting atop the rod, and it jumped/flew toward me. Twilight Zone moment! I finally got it, but a cat would have been much more fun to watch.

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