Need a Little Luck? Try a Lucky Penny Pouch! :<)

little purses 1

I’m swamped with projects right now but in spite of that, I’ve decided to take on another one. 😉

I started making these LUCKY PENNY POUCHES a couple of weeks ago, using yarn from my stash.

The pattern is loosely based on one I saw in the book: Odd Ball Knitting.

I tweaked it quite a bit and came up with my own version.

Purses from the left:

Rainbow Pouch, Red Heart Pouch, Pouch of Gold, Night Moves Pouch, Grasshopper Pouch

(The photo doesn’t do them justice.It was windy when I was taking this shot and the little fringes, etc.. wouldn’t stay put LOL)

I’m selling these for $10 each, plus $2. flat rate for postage (US and Canada). Postage is $2.  no matter how many are ordered.

Each pouch takes me about 2 hours to make, so this isn’t about getting rich LOL,

I just like making them, it’s relaxing and a good break from the computer.

And I like the idea of bringing some luck and a smile to someone’s day. 🙂

They are tiny, about 2″ square and each one contains a “lucky” Canadian penny.

Our pennies are being taken out of circulation here in Canada so I had to scramble around to get some saved for me at local stores.

I’m shining them up and adding one to each pouch to bring luck to the wearer (hope so). 😉

If you need a little luck in your life or know someone who could use a thoughtful, fun little gift to brighten their day,

email me at:

veggiecook    @   myway   .    com

  (with spaces removed)

Subject line: PENNY POUCH

and I’ll get back to you.

Secure payment via PAYPAL

I have lots of yarn to use, so you can pick out a color or two you’d like (or a pouch from those shown in the picture above).

I’ll do my best to find a good match if you have a specific color or colors in mind.

Neck strap can be customized to the length you’d like.

I think kids would like these too.

Wishing You Lots of Love and Luck! 🙂

22 responses

  1. cute little pouches, i like the colors in them as well…huh did not realize they were taking your penny…they have talked about it here….

  2. The pouches are lovely and what a nice idea to put coins in them.

    No more pennies… how sad. Still, that’s life, I guess.

  3. These are awesome! What a great gift idea. 😀

  4. These pouches are so cute, even nicer in reality. And so well made too. We all need more luck, that’s for sure.

  5. they are adorable, and i do need a little luck right now

  6. Hi Brian, Yes, the penny is obsolete here in Canada; I couldn’t even get any from a couple of banks I asked at. But the stores still accept them, so I’m stockpiling what I can. 😉

    Hi Val, Thanks friend, glad you like them!

    Hi Jackie, I agree, for adults and kids too! 🙂

    Hi Joe, They are cute but it was hard to get them to stay in place during that photo session. Glad the patterns show well though, in the pic.

    Hi Lorraine, I hear ya L, I hear ya! 😉

    Thanks to everyone who have already placed orders for the Lucky Penny Pouches.

    I’ll have my DPN’s (double point needles by way of translation LOL, for the non-knitters!) clicking this aft. when I’m finished on the computer for the day.

    Lots of love and luck, G 🙂

  7. Those pouches are just too adorable!

  8. A very cute idea, and i hear you about how hard it is to find pennies now…who would have thought.

    Something about mid August always makes me want to start crafting again.


  9. Oh wow this is super creative 🙂

  10. Hi Lady Fi, They are kind a cute, aren’t they? 😉

    Hi Jen, I was amazed how hard it was to get some this quickly but I have 2 stores that are saving them for me now, so should be enough. I want to put away a few just as a remembrance too. I like pennies! 🙂

    Hi Keith, thanks Keith. I’m a knitting addict so this is my kind of project.

    Happy Weekend, G

  11. I want the grasshopper if it’s still available \\i have to wait for my new \mastercard

  12. and withdraw until i fix what’s wrong with Sam Sam and by the Air cleaner purifier \i need seems her condition is recurrent (if that’s a word) she has a virus and \i don’t know what to do besides making the air as fresh as possible

  13. oh actually it’s both the rainbow and the grasshopper, I have an account with paypal and as soon as I get my new mc I will go through actually I think there’s a new program where you can buy and pay later through paypal I’ll try ok^

  14. Where’s your paypal button?

  15. Hi Lorraine, I don’t have a paypal button. If you want to order any pouches, just send me an email as I’ve written above. Then I can send you a paypal request. I know I have yarn for more grasshopper pouches but running low on the rainbow yarn.

  16. These are just precious! I found a lucky penny when I was out and about today! I always pick them up! What a great idea!

  17. it’s ok if you can only do the grasshopper I’m supposed to get my MasterCard Friday or next week

  18. I’m ready to order, I already have a Paypal account I’ve had it for 12 years, they know me, so all I need is to find your item and click on paypal

  19. Take your time, I know how busy you are, I can’t wait, oops contradiction !!!

  20. These are so cute! My nieces would love them!! Celeste 🙂

  21. What I said before I meant, I was in such a bad place and she helped me so much, and now suddenly my luck is changing somewhat and I am still wearing the pouches, I’ll take luck and magick every where \i can find it so thank you again!

  22. Hi Lavender Dreams, I hope it’s a very lucky penny! 🙂

    Hi Lorraine, I’ll take luck, good vibes and energy wherever I find it too. I’m so glad you like your two penny pouches. I wear mine all the time too. 😉

    Hi Celeste, If you can knit, these are very easy to make. Just a bit “fiddley” as they are so small. But fun!

    Best of luck to all, G 🙂

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