Ah gee Meowmie…..

ched trying to nap

… can’t you see I’m TRYING to have a nap!!!

I found this photo in my archives the other day, looking for something else.

The darling  Mr. Cheddar never fails to entertain! 😉

Happy Weekend to all. 🙂

7 responses

  1. Mr. Cheddar looks so cute laying like that. My cat Samantha lays the same way and will actually grumble if disturbed. Happy weekend! 😀

  2. I love to see animals when they’re sleeping and I always wonder what their dreams are about. My cat used to cover her eyes but remained silent, the dogs though spent their sleeping hours running and arguing. Who from and with is another question… grins.

  3. Oh that’s adorable, he’s so sweet, I recognized the gesture of falling asleep and don’t distract me lol so beautiful

  4. That’s our Cheddie. He looks so funny and comfy in this photo. He’s go go go when he’s awake but certainly enjoys his nap times too.

  5. Hi Jackie, Maybe you could share that pose when Samantha strikes it again! Speaking of the name Samantha, that’s the main character’s name in my new novel. 🙂 More about that book soon.

    Hi Valerie, That’s so funny about the dogs! We had German Shepherds when I was a kid and I remember them moving around a lot more than cats, when sleeping. Must have some interesting dreams, that’s for sure. 😉

    Hi Lorraine, He is adorable, I agree!

    Hi Joe, Yes, he’s goooo-gooo when he’s in active mode, I agree.

    Happy Week, G

  6. What a pretty cat you have! Love the name “Mr. Cheddar.”

  7. Ahhh! Mr. Cheddar is very handsome. I love our dogs, but I’ve always been a cat person. Thanks for visiting my blog Geraldine. I can’t wait to check out your new cookbook.

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