Time for a Break!

Chillin’ Cheddie!

What a good plan.

baffed out ched

I’m taking a blog break for the month of July.

Lots on the go here and I want to spend more time outside while the days are sunny and warm!

I’ll see you all in August!

In the meantime, Mr. Cheddar and I wish you a summer filled with laughter and all kinds of fun! 🙂


 Happy July 1st to my Canadian pals


Happy July 4th to my US friends!

8 responses

  1. Clicked “like” but, of course, that’s not really true. We will miss you but wish you a wonderful break. See you in August.

  2. Chilling Cheddie lol too may August be wonderful for you and Joe and of course the mighty Ched, from me and my brood of 3, have a ball and happy Canada Day

  3. Hi LL, Thanks so much, that’s very kind of you to say.

    Hi Lorraine, I’m only taking July off, will be back in August. I wish you a wonderful summer too and headbonks from the Ched to your felines! 😉

    Happy July, G

  4. Happy Canada Day to you! I hope you and Mr. Cheddar have a wonderful break. See you in August! 😀

  5. I hope you have a good blog break and also, that the weather here cools down a bit. Right now it’s a bit too hot.

  6. Cheddie will enjoy this extra time with you … enjoy! 🙂

  7. Hi Jackie, So far, so good. Having a good break and getting a lot accomplished too! 🙂

    Hi Joe, Thank goodness it HAS cooled down a bit. I’m feeling more energetic now. 😉

    Hi Becca, And you know I love spending time with my furry guy!

    Hi Anne, Thank you.

    Happy July and see you soon, G 🙂

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