Mr. Cheddar: Catching Some Rays…

sun bath ched

…sounds like a good plan! 😉

Have a wonderful, relaxing Wednesday!

13 responses

  1. Mr. Cheddar has the right idea! I hope you and Mr. Cheddar have a great afternoon (what’s left of it!) and evening! 😀

  2. He’s a smart feline, Geraldine. And incredibly handsome, too. 🙂

  3. *waves hello to Mr Cheddar*

  4. Joe aka Pawmie

    Mr. Cheddar looks so relaxed in this photo. He is one handsome dude.

  5. That’s the spirit, Mr Cheddar, you catch all the rays you can; but please spare a thought for poor little me who has no rays to speak of.

  6. Hi Jackie, I had a very productive Wednesday so that cheered me up. 🙂 Mr. Cheddar did a lot of snoozing…it’s getting warmer here and he tends to sleep more when the temps. rise and I sleep less. 😦

  7. Hi Talon, I agree, on both counts!

    Hi Rumpy, Good luck with that move and waves back from me and the Chedster.

    Hi Joe, Isn’t he though. Do you think we are just a bit biased? 😉

    Hi Val, Sorry about that lack of rays. We’ll send along some warm hugs, will that do? 😉

    Hugs from G and Mr. C

  8. ha. just make sure you use sunscreen buddy…you dont want to burn…smiles.

  9. So sweet.
    Anima Wednesday no longer as a linky list, we just do it and not sure how to get the word out about my furry nephew. Let me know when Ched makes another apearance on Wed and I will put a note on my post.

  10. He is so beautiful, and loved, it shows

  11. Hi Brian, That’s what those beautiful fur coats are for! 😉

    Hi Teri, Oh, that’s too bad about Animal Wednesdays, I thought it was such a cool idea.

    Hi Lorraine, I agree, on both counts.

    Happy Weekend (long one in Canada), G

  12. Sun beams are the best Mr. Cheddar. I hope to curl up in one in a few weeks myself. Tummy rubs and catnip. >^..^<

  13. This is so awesome – he’s basking in the glow. Literally 🙂

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