Colorful Waves Scarf

colorful waves scarf 1

My Colorful Waves Scarf is now complete!

colorful waves scarf 2

I’m happy with how it turned out.

If you are looking for a fairly easy beginner’s knit project, you might want to check this one out.

Now I just need something nice in black to wear it with this fall! 😉

You can read more about the background of making this project and also a link to order this scarf kit here.

Happy Knitting!

And speaking of knitting, if you’re making something right now, do share the details! 🙂

14 responses

  1. That’s really beautiful. Well done

  2. Beautiful completed accessory!! It will be a hit whenever you were it!!

  3. Wonderful work, as always. You are an excellent knitter. It’s such a beautiful scarf, the photos are too.

  4. jenmuddybootdreams

    That’s really lovely, and I like how you photographed it against the similar colored foliage.

    So glad you liked the cards.


  5. Stunning, colours fabric, you’re going to look Divine with this around you neck, beautiful

  6. Hi LL, Thanks so much for your kind words!

    Hi Becca, Hope so. If you want something to try as you progress with your knitting (not a first project by any means) you might want to keep this scarf in mind. I like patterns that look hard but aren’t and this was one of them. 😉 You’ll dazzle your friends!

    Hi Joe, I try! 🙂

    Hi Jen, I thought this would be a nice setting for this photo and the light was perfect too, kind of soft and shaded. Thanks Jen. And yes, thanks for the lovely cards too, wonderful!

    Hi Lorraine, Thanks so much L. I want to get the perfect black sweater, dress….to go with this scarf. It’s so bright and cheerful.

    Happy Crafting, G

  7. or a single colour dress, blue or cedar green, or muted orange you can wear anything that is just one colour, and it will transformed into a rainbow and please when that happens ask Joe (does he mind if I call him Joe?) to take a photo and post it, and across the world wide wed will be many ahhhahhhhhssssssss

  8. that’s suppose to say web not wed lol

  9. What a gorgeous riot of color that will add some pizazz to any outfit. Yay! Finished projects are so grand! 🙂

  10. Hi Lorraine, Thanks for the wonderful color suggestions. I kept thinking about “with black” but I can picture some of your choices too. I will get Joe (he doesn’t mind either name) to take a pic, if I’m feeling brave that day LOL. 😉

    Hi Ruinwen, I agree, finished projects are the best. Love that feeling.

    Happy Week, G

  11. to hell with bravery you’re beautiful, no bravery necessary

  12. oh wow. i missed this one…that is a beautiful scarf…..

  13. Love the colours Geraldine. Beautiful! 😀

  14. Hi Lorraine, Ahhh…you’re so nice! Thanks dear.

    Hi Brian, Thanks so much. I was happy how it turned out.

    Hi Sonel, Thanks so much. Welcome to Veggies. I love your avatar photo!

    Happy Week, G

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