A Mr. Cheddar Pet Peeve Post- Shaving Dogs in Summer

ched and the bug 1

Mr. Cheddar here.

Yes, the DOG-DAYS of summer are just around the corner.

And today, I want to talk about…

D-O-G-S and one of my Summer Pet Peeves:

Shaving/clipping off a dog’s fur in summer.

I’ve asked one of our online canine pals to join us, the fabulous Rumpydog.

Yes, I know he’s a dog and I’m a cat but he is one cool dude, even if he is a canine!!!

Here’s Rumpy:

rumpy for post2

Ain’t he a cutie? And look at that gorgeous coat!

So here’s the scoop and I’m not talking litter this time!

We live in a small city where there are a lot of dogs and usually very hot summers. Every year, there are so/too many dogs walking around with their coats shaved off. The humans who live with these dogs must think they are doing them a favor shaving off their fur, but in reality they aren’t.

Here’s one of many articles online about why you shouldn’t shave off your dog’s fur, unless it is for medical reasons.

Meowmie also asked a couple of veterinarians  about this and they said the same thing.

A dog’s coat is to protect them not just the cold but from the heat too.

As far as the groomers who routinely clip off dog’s fur for the summer, well it’s just $$ in their pockets. They aren’t going to tell clients not to do this are they?

Save some $$ this summer and save your pet from getting sunburned, overheated…

Don’t shave your pooch!

There, I feel better already. Glad I got that off my chest! 😉

 Looks like Rumpy feels better too. 🙂

rumpy for post1

Visit Rumpydog  for more pet care tips and lots of other interesting pet-related posts!

9 responses

  1. Joe aka Pawmie

    Excellent post Mr. Cheddar. So true, leave pets as they are, as much as possible. Their coats are there to protect them. I get mad when I see dogs shaved down too.

  2. I am horrified to learn that people actually shave off dogs’ coats. What happened to common sense? It’s the worst thing they can do to their pets. Rumpydog is a lovely dog, I wish I could hug him.

  3. Iève seen cats and dogs and what in the world are they thinking? I can understand cutting some of the hair when they get mangled in little round stinging things, but ‘sides that there’s no excuse…I can only think that they don’t want to vacuum…so silly and stupid and selfish

  4. Hi Joe, I get mad too. I hope this post and my other local initiatives helps to get the word out.

    Hi Val, I’m surprised you’ve never seen this Val, it’s quite common here unfortunately. I wish groomers would have enough integrity to tell clients this isn’t a good idea but I guess it’s all about the almighty $$ most of the time. So much trauma for dogs to go through too, having their fur shaved off and then as I’ve described above, so unhealthy for them to live with too, as their coats grow in again. Rumpy is a gorgeous dog, I agree.

    Hi Lorraine,Yes of course, when they get matted beyond combing etc, sometimes shaving, clipping part or all of their coats is necessary but why did they get so matted in the first place? I’ve been reading about people shaving their cats in summer too! How crazy is that? 😦

    Hugs to you and your pets, G

  5. Oh poor babies…why do people do that? I wonder if it’s more for their convenience.


  6. Thank you Mr. Cheddar for bringing this canine atrocity to everyone’s attention. 🙂

  7. June Buggie says he laughs at shaved dogs…. all the more reason to not do it!

  8. Hi Jen, I think some people think they are doing their dogs a favor but yes, there are probably others who can’t be bothered combing their dogs as much as they should and this is an supposedly easy alternative. My advice, don’t have a dog if you don’t want any extra work.

    Hi Ruinwen, We see this a lot in our small city, here in BC. I sent in a comment to the newspaper too about this, hopefully it will get people thinking. And not asking groomers for advice on this, but rather a reputable vet.

    Hi Rumpy, Oh no June Buggie, say it ain’t so. Mr. Cheddar doesn’t think this is funny and I don’t either. 😦

    Hugs to you and your pets, G and Mr. C

  9. I must agree, Mr. Cheddar. Rumpy is one adorable pup. And such a beautiful coat. No shaving!

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