A Mr. Cheddar (and friend) LOL! ;<)

For those of your who haven’t “met” JJ the Monkey already, here he is, having some fun with his Big Furry Pal, Mr. Cheddar.

Mr. Cheddar is NOT amused. 😉

Sure brings a smile to my day though, looking at this photo.

By all means, do leave a caption, if one should come to mind! 🙂

Ched and JJ

9 responses

  1. but mr cheddar how am i ever
    going to be a rodeo monkey
    if i dont practice…


  2. You promised catnip wasn’t addictive and now just look at me!! All strung it with a monkey on my back!!

  3. LOL, love the look on his face.
    No playmates yet? or did I miss it in my time away.

  4. Mom! Stop monkeying around! – could’t help myself 🙂

  5. “Yeeeehaaa!!! Let’s go Big Furry Guy. I’ve got a Banana Daiquiri with my name on it, waitin’ for me!”

    Mr. Cheddar will be commenting on caption suggestions in the next couple of days. As expected, so far, he is NOT amused. 😉

  6. Joe aka Pawmie

    Giddeeup Ched.

    Are you talking to me?

  7. I can’t beat the captions already given.

    I made an appointment to have an eye test the other day, with Mr Chedda. I hope I don’t smile too widely when I see him…. grins.

  8. What an awesome picture of Mr Cheddar!!

  9. Hi Mr. Brian, That’s his problem! I don’t need no monkey on my back!!!!

    Hi Ms. Cath, I believe that monkey on my back is the one high on catnip, snort….

    Hi Auntie Teri, No, sadly no playmate for me yet. The humans did try though, gotta give them cred for that.

    Hi Ms. Ruinwen, Now that’s a comment I can agree with.

    Hi Meowmie, I’ve already told you what I think of that caption! A drunken monkey is NOT what we need around here.

    Hi Pawmie, I like it, I am a feline with Hollywood written all over me! I’m ready for my close-up. 🙂

    Hi Ms. Val, That’s a good one!

    Hi Ms. Becca, You show exquisite taste with your absolutely spot-on observation. 😉

    I’m off to take a nap, laters, The Chedster!!!

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