Your (yarn color) Opinion Please! ;<)

As any of my regular readers already know, I love to knit.

In recent years, I’ve been “stretching” my knitting skills a bit, trying some more difficult patterns, stitches and techniques, including Fair Isle knitting.

This cardigan is my first (and to date, only) 😉 Fair Isle project I’ve completed:

crop photo edit 3

FEFI back

I love this sweater and have had so many compliments about it already;  I want to make another one, this time in a spring/summer cotton yarn.

I’m considering using Willow Yarn Cub .

If you haven’t checked out Willow Yarns yet, you’re in for a treat. They have some beautiful, natural fiber yarns available at prices that are hard to beat.

I’ve already knitted a swatch of this yarn and it looks great, with a the stitches showing up in a very defined way. I also love the soft colors this yarn comes in and the price is great too at $2.49 CDN/50 grams.

Here are the colors I am planning to use for this next cardigan:

cub yellow

This soft yellow for the main color.

cub green

cub mauvecub off white

And these three colors for the patternworks sections.  

I like all 4 of these colors but can’t decide if yellow should be the main color or the mauve or green instead.

Your yarn color opinion please…what do you think?

PS: If you’re considering trying Fair Isle yourself or already have, you might want to check out my latest review over at My Real Life Reviews for : The Very Easy Guide to Fair Isle Knitting by Lynne Watterson. It’s a wonderful book!

12 responses

  1. Well done. The cardigan looks great and I love your choices for the next one

  2. very pretty cardigan! I would go with the yellow or green for the next one as main color, the mauve is very pretty as well, but its closer to the color of the one you already have. For no reason I feel yellow really would be the best main color.

  3. I would go for the yellow, or maybe the green….no, definitely the yellow. You will let us know which you choose, won’t you?

  4. Doesn’t matter what colors you choose, it will be beautiful. But I would pick the yellow as the main color. Yellow looks so good on you.

  5. Beautiful cardigan! The one you’re wearing in picture looks fantastic on you. I think the green and white yarn would look great together with maybe some purple accents.

  6. That is a gorgeous cardigan! the colors really depend on what kind of look you are going for IMHO. If you are using soft colors like that then any of them should work in any combo. A white background would make the colors really pop, where as yellow would soften them a bit. The green or purple would allow the lighter white and / or yellow to shine. It is all up to you. Hugs! 🙂

  7. Hi LL, Thanks so much.

    Hi TailorFairy, So far, I’m going with the yellow for the main color. Just thinking about the other colors too as it’s a big project to undertake and I want to be very happy with the results, Welcome to Veggies!

    Hi Val, I sure will! I can’t wait to get started. 🙂

    Hi Joe, Yellow makes me feel happy too.

    Hi Jackie, Thanks for your lovely compliment and suggestions too!

    Hi Ruinwen, They are such soft shades, I agree. And this is such a nice texture for cotton yarn. I think it will be fun to knit. And I’m a bit more confident this time around, with my FI skills!

    Happy Knitting and Thanks for Your Suggestions, G

  8. Stunning work …
    Geraldine, our coloring is not too far off from each other … so in my opinion, I would recommend the green … the “mauve” looks like a periwinkle to me … if it is … it would look fresh as well. Look forward to seeing the finished project. 😀

  9. I think mauve would look amazing but I am sure it will look great in any color 🙂 Happy knitting!

  10. You have such a beautiful face and sort of English Rose perfection so I know it would look good no matter the colour but somehow I’m stuck on light mauve or green…I don’t understand the knitting process….I mean how do you start, what makes an arm or a collar or the body and how do you put it all together, I haven’t a clue

  11. Hi Becca, See why you have to learn how to knit!! You will LOVE it. Thanks for your kind words and the suggestions for colors.

    Hi GC, I love mauve, love the yellow, love the green…the shades in this yarn are so soft. What to pick, what to pick? 😉

    Hi Lorraine, Thank you for the lovely compliment. As for the knitting process, it can be different for every project. For this cardigan, since I had never done Fair Isle before, I started with the two sleeves, to get some practice in. Then I did the body up to the yoke, then all the pieces were put on a LONG circular (flexible) needle, and I knit the top part with the patternworks. That was the most complicated part but this time I feel it will be a lot easier, now that I’ve done it once already. I can’t imagine not knitting. It helps so much to calm me down when I’m stressed, I love creating beautiful things, it’s such a fun hobby for so many reasons. Definitely worth learning. Maybe you could take a beginners class at a community center there? Lots of places teach knitting now, often for free. And knitters are a fun group! 😉

    Happy Crafting and Thanks for all the wonderful color suggestions, G

  12. I would need a step by step to learn I believe that it might relieve a lot of my stress as you’ve noticed on the other blog, I do apologize, it just came out after a phone conversation that was so unjust, it just came, but it was inappropriate and not meant for you…forgive me if you have any book that you know would be great for an ignorant beginner like me, I’ll buy I’ve tried everything, I’ve made jewellry than when that didn’t work anymore I decorate the apt with my jewellry, Now I try to write and I can’t it’s hard to read I have no concentration, but I noticed (although the outcome is always ridiculous) that knitting calms me down…so Help

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