Brrrr…Soup Weather Has Returned!

slow cooker soup 007

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Interior BC it’s COLD again! 😦

It was down to 1C late afternoon yesterday. For here, at this time of year, that is very cold.

I’m making a lot of soups as we wait out this current weather.

This is one: Slow Cooker Red Lentil, Chickpea and Coconut Soup,  that I found over at the Kitchen Treaty blog. It’s nice and hearty. Full of healthy and delish ingredients and made in the slow-cooker. Can’t get much better than that.

Click through for the full recipe and to see another photo of this soup.

My photo above  is an “action shot”.  Look closely, you can see the steam rising and the soup bubbling. 😉

A few minor changes I made:

-I used 2 T. olive oil instead of butter

– 3 C. of pre-cooked chickpeas instead of canned type. Next time I’d cut back on the chickpeas, 2- 2 1/2 C. would be plenty IMO.

-I cooked soup on HIGH for 4 hours, instead of on LOW as the recipe is written.


Hope you enjoy the recipe, stay warm and let’s hope that SPRING arrives to stay and soon!

PS: How’s your weather and what’s your favorite soup?

Mine is Veggie Beet Borscht (click through for recipe)

5 responses

  1. I make soup every other week and freeze it. All veggies lentils and beans. It’s hearty and filling. I eat it almost every day. I even manage to eat it without bread or crackers…not easy I’ll tell ya. My fave is cream of broccoli with warm whole wheat crusty bread. Yummy, but not conducive to dieting so it’s an occasional thing.

  2. This was a good soup. Hearty and tasty.
    My favorite soup? Hard to pick just one. I love your Potato Soup from Not Just for Vegetarians and the borscht too. I kind of like them all actually.

  3. Sounds really good! My favorite soup was actually cream of mushroom soup. I haven’t tried it since I became lactose intolerant; but I hope that I can still make it yummy. Hugs! 🙂

  4. Hi Cath, Nice to see you again, long time, no see! Yumm…I love Cream of Broccoli too, especially with a generous sprinkle of sharp Cheddar. So bad but so good. 😉

    Hi Joe, It is hard to pick, I agree. 🙂

    Hi Ruinwen, Oh, that’s too bad about the Lactose issue. Maybe try using an unsweetened rice, soy… milk or creamer, instead of regular dairy cream? The recipe I have in Not Just for Vegetarians using mashed potatoes as a thickener. A trick I learned from one of my brother’s who was an executive chef for many years. I think you have my cookbook if I’m not mistaken. 😉

    Happy Cooking and Stay Warm, G

  5. Hot soup and huge loaves of bread…ain’t nothin’ like it x

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