Mr. Cheddar’s Got a Big Surprise Coming Soon! :<)

surprise ched

We are hoping to add a new feline to the family, in the near future.

Mr. Cheddar has missed dear Mitzi (click to read more about Mitzi and a poem I wrote for her) so much.

Dear Mitzi went to Cat Heaven back in 2009 after sharing 21 wonderful years (yes, 21!!!) with me and 8 of those with Joe too. 

Cheddie has been so patient, waiting for a new pal to share his adventures with. But the wait, is almost over.

Stay tuned for exciting feline updates, coming soon! 😉

10 responses

  1. EXCITING!!!! Oh what fun this is going to be. I can hardly wait to see the new playmate. I’ll be watching.

  2. Cheddie has been very patient. We are all excited.

  3. geesh how stunning can he be….wow Mr. Ched, you are beautiful in a very manly way x

  4. Oh, I’m clapping my hands with glee! And look how gorgeous Mr. Cheddar is! He will love a new feline companion, for sure.

    Our cats, Stripey and Missy (the black one featured in my latest post) are brother and sister and just turned fourteen…I hope they have the same span of life that your beloved Mitzi had, Geraldine. 🙂

  5. Hi Teri, Ched and I just KNEW you’d want to be in on the big news right away ! 😉 You’re Cheddie’s only US Auntie, ya know!

    Hi Joe, Yes, VERY patient. Something we’ve all had to learn to do, in the past few years it seems. 😦

    Hi Lorraine, Cheddie says, you rock. 🙂 He loved your comment. I just told him what you said, when he was sitting on my lap, helping me type. Does that explain my typos? LOL

    Hi Talon, Me too! He really is a gorgeous guy, I agree. When we got him from the Humane Society about 5 years ago, they said he had been passed over many times, and people said he wasn’t cute enough etc… can you believe it?

    Ched had a very hard life up to that point from what we were told, on the streets, abusive owners etc…just goes to show how lots of TLC can change all of us, including felines. Cheddie never looked better and we love him sooooo much.

    I hope Stripey and Missy live to a ripe old age too. Cats have much too short of lives. Even though Mitzi lived over 20 years and was healthy almost right to her last week, it went by in a flash. I had her since she was a little lassie of 6 wks. old and she weighed 2 lbs. when I got her. She was my darling little girl then and always will be. A special feline pal, never forgotten.

    Hugs and Happy Weekend, G

  6. What a wonderful capture of Mr Cheddar … such a handsome fellow! 😀

  7. Oops I forgot, Cheddie, looking forward to your surprise!!

  8. 21? Wow, my cat lived to 17 and I thought that was a long time. Mr Cheddar is very patient.

    Geraldine, for some reason I don’t get notified of this blog … I’ll have to find a way round that. I tried putting you in my blog role but it won’t register. I will save this page and hope that I remember without a jog to look in again.

  9. ah i hope he gets his friend…smiles
    our kitten misses his sister too…
    maybe someday soon…smiles.

  10. Hi Becca, He is such a handsome guy, I agree. Both my guys are actually. 😉

    Hi Val, 17 is pretty darn good, in cat years. It’s never long enough though, is it? 😦

    Sorry about the link issues, that’s strange. I’ve got quite a few subscribers, no one else has mentioned this. Maybe try again another day. I know at Blogger, some days, links in my sidebar won’t open, the next day they work fine. I have had people mention that.

    Hi Brian, Yes, cats need furry pals. Mr. Cheddar is going to be one happy little dude, real soon I hope.

    Happy Weekend, Stay Warm (it’s soooo cold here burr…..) G

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