Ched Perkie: Feline P.I. !!! ;<)

ched perkie

Mr. Cheddar has been exploring some intriguing employment options for the new year.

He’s considering becoming a private eye!

What do you think? He certainly suits the costume. 🙂  

Mr. Cheddar is such a perkie guy and he can definitely get into those hard to reach places where other investigators would fear to tread.

Call Ched Perkie: Feline PI!

That’s fifty kibbles a day, plus expenses. 😉

9 responses

  1. Inspector Ched! He can give the pink panther a run for is money!

  2. 50 kibbles a day, thats a great deal! lol,

  3. Ched looks the part, no doubt about it. And 50 kibbles a day is a good deal. He can definitely get into places other PI’s never could.

  4. The only one I’d trust, let me know if the need for photos become essential I’ll be wearing the trench coat and silver earrings , hushhhh

  5. lol and oh gosh I do adore you lol

  6. Hi Cathy, I totally agree. 😉

    Hi Laurie, Yes, reasonable rates for a top Feline PI!!!

    Hi Joe, I love this new look on Chedster. The pipe (of course) is just a prop. Ched would NEVER smoke! LOL

    Hi Lorraine, What a team you’d make. We love ya too. 🙂

    Happy Week, G

  7. Oh Ched, what a guy. You are a shoe-in for this job. Or is that a gumshoe….This little scene reminds me of Oliver Twist.
    Head bonks and bellyrubs to you my fav nephew.

  8. Hi Ms. Cathy, I could indeedy. How are those lovely girl felines these days? More pics pllleeease. ;< )

    Hi Ms. Laurie, Nice to see a new human a visitin' thank you!
    That's my intro. rate. I will have to consider upping the ante as my skills as a PI continue to increase. I'm also considering other sidelines: astrocat, feline footballer, furry celeb chef…the list goes on and on. What can I say, I am the Chedster!!! Snort.

    Hi Pawmie, I am fearless to tread where other PIs wouldn't even think about going!

    Hi Ms. L, I will watch for you my dear, on those foggy, pea-souper nights, snort. Should we have a password perhaps?

    Hi Meowmie, Yada, yada…don't you ever get sick of typing Meowmie? ;<)

    Hi Aunt Teri, Oh, I'm all for bellyrubs. Bet you get good practise with those big DOGS!!! I'm a gumshoe? I'll have to think on that. Snort…Gum on my paw, that I wouldn't like.

    Hope you are all having a good Wednesday.

    Chiao for now,

    the (ohhhh, sooo) multi-talented Mr. Cheddar.

  9. Brilliant idea! how’s <> ok, how about GCLD

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