Knit Handwarmers from CreativeYarn

handwarmers post 2

These are the first pair of handwarmers that I’ve ever made.

I really had fun making these and I love wearing them when it’s a chilly morning and I’m typing a lot at the computer. They keep my hands and wrists nice and toasty! 🙂 

 I think they’re rather cute too. I see a lot of women wearing these now, thought it was high time I had a pair too LOL. 😉

I’m making another pair right now that I plan to wear over thin black gloves for outdoor use. These are going to be in bright gold yarn. I’ll share a pic when I’ve got these completed too.

You can find this pattern and lots of other easy, fun (and many free) patterns over at the  CreativeYarn blog.  Here’s the link for this free pattern: Emerald Green Handwarmers. The woman who hosts this blog is based in Rome so that’s kind of interesting too. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been posting recently but there are a lot of great archive posts and patterns to enjoy over there.

The yarn I used was:

Caron Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) in  Gunmetal Grey:

sheepish yarn

Here’s my review of this yarn, over at My Real Life Reviews.

♥ the pattern but NOT a yarn that I’ll be using again. 😦

Happy Crafting!  🙂 

4 responses

  1. They look wonderful Geraldine. I have seen store clerks wearing this kind of thing.
    Nice that you put the pattern source in here.

  2. These are very pretty. I’ve been thinking of making myself a pair as well.

  3. These are really neat. You did a nice job. I think the gold ones will be even better.

  4. Hi Teri, I see these a lot too and now I have my own. It’s great to be able to make things you like. I do that a lot. 😉 Thanks for your kind compliment.

    Hi OGP, Welcome and thank you. I hope you share a pic if you make these too.

    Hi Joe, I think the gold ones are going to be better too. One almost finished as of yesterday.

    Happy Thursday, G 🙂

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