Mr. Cheddar aka Cheddar Elf!

Mr. Cheddar aka Cheddar Elf  and I are already thinking about Christmas.

It’s just over a month away!

Have you been naughty or nice?

Santa and Cheddar Elf know! 😉

6 responses

  1. Oh, dear Mr. Cheddar, you are just so darn cute as Cheddar Elf!

  2. Hi, there, Cheddar Elf, I try to be good most days, but I can’t help myself, I am a naturally mischevious guy!
    Do you help Santa, with gifts for good felines?
    If so, could you tell him, I’ll be watching for him on Dec. 24?

    Oh, hi there, Mr. Ched…er…I should say Cheddar Elf…really a very good disguise, indeed!
    Yes, little Artie, is a pretty good little guy, I’ll vouch for him to be on Santa’s “Nice” list, even though he does annoy me throughout the day.
    Still he is a youngster…I of course am nice but not young anymore. I won’t be watching for the Big Guy, but will be sleeping on Xmas Eve. And yet, I may keep my ears open for the sound of bells and reindeer hooves on the roof.

  3. Ched really suits this costume. He makes a perfect elf.

  4. ahahahahhah I burst out laughing , I can hear theChed saying Mom can you makeitalittlelesstight lol

  5. The perfect elf … precious Mr Cheddar!! I have been a very very very good girl!!! 😀

  6. Mr. Cheddar thanks all of you for your kind comments. He is not going to comment on the costume though. Apparently, not to his liking, even if it is just a prop!!! 😉

    Happy Thursday, G and C

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