On the Menu Tonight: Black/Turtle Bean Soup with Cornbread Scones

It’s another cool, grey, rainy day here in Interior BC.

I’ve got lots on the go with projects this weekend so I  decided to make a nice big pot of Black Bean Soup with Cornbread Scones for supper, so easy and delish.

Here’s the recipe for my version of this classic bean soup. It’s a little bit spicy and oh so satisfying.

And a perfect warm-up dinner on a day like today.

The Cornbread Scones are a new recipe from my upcoming cookbook so that one, I can’t share (yet)! 😉

What are you cooking this weekend?

Happy Cooking and Happy Weekend! 🙂

10 responses

  1. This looks so good, and I am saving this recipe to try soon!
    Thanks, Ger!

  2. Wow I’d Love some corn bread, I don’t cook so much as heat up, but at least it’s mostly vegetable, but I’ve overdone it on the comfort food of a lot of Chocolate everyday, now I have to stop ’cause My jean fits to the skin, lose 10 pounds to stay on size 10 but bread, corn bread oh my….You’re splendid, no doubt about it…I do have an enveloppe for you but ’cause I had no many I used one of these none bubbled enveloppe, it’s gonna burst along the way , so I’ll have to buy a bubble one….oh boy….

  3. Hi Brenda, Issss good! 😉

    Hi Lorraine, Jeans are a good way to keep the calories in mind, they don’t lie LOL. Can’t wait to see what you’re sending me. As I told you before, my “goodie bag” heading East, will be sometime in November. What fun!

    Hi Becca, And Num, num, num….! Nice to see you again.

    Happy Week, G

  4. I am so cold right now, It looks perfect!

  5. I had this soup and the cornbread scones for lunch today and it was so good.

  6. I forgot how expensive it is, so from now on little things in little enveloppe with one or two stamps, and you too OK

  7. Hi Gardensunshine, Welcome and do try this soup. It will warm you through!!!

    Hi Joe, And what a perfect lunch with this cool, drissly weather. Bring on the snow, I’m sick of rain! 😉

    Hi Lorraine, My goodie box/bag won’t be on the way for a while. It definitely won’t fit in small envelopes but I’ll splurge for you my dear. I agree, Canada Post prices are outrageous, especially for small pkts.

    Happy Halloween too! G 🙂

  8. Hi, Geraldine, I just popped in to get the list of ingredients for this soup. I plan to make to today. 🙂

  9. Scrumptious. Something hearty during this spring that won’t come.

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