Mr. Cheddar at the Movies!

That old movie lion had nothin’ on me!!!!! 😉


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  1. oh The Most Honourable Cheddar you’re hilarious and made me laugh, that’s a good thing you big roarer you lol

  2. Gosh, it looks like this was just made for you, you funny furry friend.

  3. precious … quite a handsome fellow you are, Mr. Cheddar … I’ve tried to use the same site for photos but unsuccessfully!!! 🙂

  4. Love it. Roooooooar….you go Ched.

  5. “Is that really you Chedster?
    I’m really impressed _ I didn’t know you were in the movies, as well as being a celebrity blogger…wow, Is there any way, you could, maybe send me an autogr…”

    “….Oh, hi there Mr. Chedder please excuse Art, he gets over excited at times. I, Herb, have now fortunately taken over the keyboard. We are certainly impressed with this new avocation you appear to have taken on. Are you planning to direct movies, because I would be more than willing to audition for anything you might think I would be suitable for, I do think I could give a nice attempt at maybe The Cheshire cat, due to my philosophical frame of mind….”

    “Oh, Mr. Ched, It’s B here, please forgive Herb and Art, as you can see they have become slightly starstruck, but as you know we love you alot, and would like to say how sweet you appear in this newest version of your self.”
    Here’s a big hug for you, and Herbert and Arthur send you extra Headbonks, 🙂

  6. Hi Lorraine, Me and the Ched loved that salutation!!! 😉 He is the most honorable, yes indeed.

    Hi Teri, The Chedster is very versatile!

    Hi Becca, If I can help with that photo site re: ??? let me know. I’m no techie but I found it very easy to use. And the Cheddar loves all the funny options over there too. 😉

    Hi Joe, Rooooar indeed!

    Hi Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, We expect some calls from the big boys in Hollywood after this gets out! 😉 Will let you know if Ched plans to make his directorial debut, any time soon. As I said above, he is sooooo versatile. You can never tell where the Ched may show up next.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend, G and C (reading along as I type) 🙂

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