A Cyber-Visit from Claire Cook!

I posted this review of the new novel: Wallflower in Bloom by Claire Cook a few days ago over at My Real Life Reviews.

I loved the book and I was happy to write a review about it.

And what a treat today to see a comment from Claire Cook about my review. I am so honored. She is one of my fav authors.

If you haven’t read Wallflower in Bloom yet or even if you have, I hope you’ll stop by to read my review. I’d love to hear what you thought about this engaging story too.

Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing?

The possibilities of who you can connect with are endless. 🙂

Have a wonderful week! G

4 responses

  1. Isn’t that great! How nice of her.

  2. How cool is that, having the author stop by. A great review and Claire Cook certainly was happy with it too.

  3. This was nice indeed!
    I did notice that she had visited your MRLR review, when I visited. Yes that is one of the wonderful things about the internet, the opportunities to connect.
    She was happy with your review, as well, I noticed.

    I did love, “Must Love Dogs”, and do intend to read “Wallflower in Bloom”. Thanks for the review!

  4. Hi Teri, I agree.

    Hi Joe, Made my day. And so easy to write a good review when I enjoy a story this much.

    Hi Brenda, You never know who you’re going to meet out there, so true. I’ve connected with some amazing people over the years that I never would have, without the Internet. Claire Cook is certainly one of those. I’ve read most of her books, loved them all. A couple more to go that I want to read soon.

    Happy Wednesday, G

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