Summer’s Bounty Herb and Veggie Soup

It’s finally cooling down here in BC. Yippee!!!

I’m feeling better already! It had been hot for weeks with no rain. Very draining weather. 😦

And with the cooler  temps. I’m getting back into cooking some of my favs again, like yummy soups and homemade breads.

This is one of my favorite late summer soup recipes that incorporates lots of the garden bounty.

I hope you’ll enjoy it soon.

Here’s the link to the recipe and original post with comments.

It really is as yummy as it looks.

And IMO it’s (almost)) always the right time for soup!!! 😉 Not when it’s over 90C though LOL.

Happy Cooking.

PS: How’s your weather?

6 responses

  1. Well, we are looking forward to some warmer weather this side, as soon as you send our sun back 🙂

  2. Geraldine,
    Good to hear the weather is cooling there, and the autumn is drawing near.
    Soup is always nice in the cooler weather.
    I think you must be a wonderful cook!
    Here it got to 30 degrees, but as it cools off nicely in the evening, it was great.
    Autumn is my favourite month. Here’s to some wonderful cool weather!

  3. Yummy soup. And what a great way to use up veggies and herbs from a garden.

  4. Well we have had nicer weather the past week or 2 and even turned the a/c off over a week ago, my hydro bill is gonna be a little less heart attack inducing but we are gearing up for another stretch of hot and humid. Certainly not going to be soup weather any time soon but I’ll try it in october lol looks yummy!

  5. Hi LL, You can have it! 😉

    Hi Brenda, I could eat soup almost any day, one of my fav dishes, so much variety and always good! Yeah, I guess I am a pretty good cook. LOL 😉

    Hi Joe, A great way to use up a variety of garden offerings, in one recipe.

    Hi Cathy, I email back and forth with a friend in TO almost every day and she’s been keeping me posted on the weather there. Still my fav big city in Canada, always will be! I hope you like the soup recipe.

    Hugs and Happy Wednesday, G 🙂

  6. I enjoy soup – no matter the temperature – even in the middle of a hot summer. This looks delish … wish I had a bowl this moment with some homemade bread. 😀

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