Where’s Mr. Cheddar????

Who needs: Where’s Waldo ?

Now there’s a new game that’s so much easier, way more fun and Cheddar approved:

Where’s Mr. Cheddar!!!!

Can you find the Chedster, in the crowd? 😉

12 responses

  1. This is funny. Who needs Waldo, not me.

  2. Excellent game,dear Ms. Ger,
    We don’t know who Waldo is, but we sure had fun finding our friend the Chedster. It just took me a quick glance to find his handsome face, although Artie definitely took some time looking. Personally I think he couldn’t take his eyes off the pretty Himalyan with the blue eyes.

  3. Cats!!!! they’re everywhere!!!! but I’d recognise the Ched’s eyes anywhere lol

  4. Hi Joe, Where’s Cheddar is so much better than Waldo. 😉

    Hi Brenda, I think if you click through to the Waldo site, you’ll recognize this game/puzzle. These were everywhere, a few years ago. I couldn’t remember the name either, when I started to write this post but it popped up when I typed Where’s, on Google. Mr. Cheddar loved your comment!

    Hi Cath, Yes indeedy, the eyes do have it.

    Happy Mid-week, G and a big headbonk from Chedster!

  5. Dear. Ms. Ger,
    Brenda can’t make it to comment here today, she’s indisposed.
    She asked me to say that she does know who Waldo is, he was pretty popular some years ago, she recalls from the children she works with.

    It’s just me, your humble feline friend, Herb, who didn’t know. After looking this up on Google, I do prefer the “Where’s Mr. Ched” puzzle, so much more interesting.
    Headbonks to Mr. Ched.

  6. Gotcha Herbert! Sorry about the misunderstanding.

    I had misread the previous comment, thinking it was from your mom. I thought she’d definitely be aware of that Waldo guy!!!

    Hope you are all having a good day, out on the Prairies. Hope it’s cooled down there too. Not so bad today here, either. 🙂

    Hugs to all, G and Mr. Cheddar

  7. Oh too funny. I see you Chedman!! Can’t hide from auntie!

  8. Great game! Umm, right hand corner just below the ginger kittie?

  9. Hi Teri, Ched and I thought you’d like this! 😉

    Hi Long Life…, Welcome and yes, that’s the Chedster. He really does stand out in the crowd, doesn’t he!

    Happy Week, G

  10. Hi, there, Ger and dear Mr. Ched,
    We just wanted to let you know that we have written a first post over at Herband ArtMuse, our new (we hope) blog over at WordPress. B is new at this, so we’re not actually sure if you will be able to find us.

  11. Dear Feline and Human Friends,

    Thank you for stopping by and for finding my oh so memorable face in the crowd.

    Pawmie, Waldo??? Who is this Waldo character?

    Ms.Brenda, I can see the attraction for Arthur, mmmm…I’ll have to follow up on those blue eyes. Tell Art I’ll keep him posted about this vision!

    Oh Meowmie!!!

    Ms. Cathy, you are so right…how could you not remember those bedroom eyes of moi… snort.

    Auntie Teri, Why would I want to hide from you dear Auntie??

    LL, An astute eye, yes indeedy. You must have heard about my rugged good looks! 😉

    Herbert, how exciting about the new blog. There are lots of feline blogs out there, I know you’re going to be in good company. Perhaps some of the female persuasion too? We can only live in hope.

    I must fly, I’m searching for flies actually, snorrrrrrt….The Chedster

    Still fab, still fearless! 🙂

  12. Easy breezy, that Cheddar, a face like that stands out in a crowd, you’re the Paw!

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