Fairly Easy Fair Isle Finally Finished!

Well, my Fairly Easy Fair Isle Cardigan is FINALLY finished! 🙂

I’ve been planning to knit and then knitting this sweater for a loooong time.

I had some issues with the pattern as I blogged about previously here and of course, the “button hunt” that I blogged about here.

Speaking of the buttons, aren’t these perfect?

Thanks again to Brenda. You found a perfect size and match.

And how hard it was to do just that. I did a LOT of searching for buttons myself, to no avail and had other people looking for me too. Amazing, how hard it was to find the right buttons.

Fairly Easy Fair Isle

In progress.

I decided to block it just like a wool project, to straighten out all the edges. Worked fine:

Back view. I even impressed myself LOL. 😉 :

Buttons, buttons, I’ve finally got the buttons. 🙂

Taaaa daaa….

I’m quite happy with how the sweater turned out.

Yes, I think it would have been even nicer in a wool yarn as the pattern suggested, but I’m ok with how the Jiffy looks, albeit not quite as lush as wool always is. I’m trying to use non-animal based yarns now, whenever possible, that’s why I chose Lion Brand Jiffy for this project.

I would attempt another Fair Isle knit in the future. An easy one that is! It was fun working with all the color yarns and I learned a lot as I progressed with this sweater.

It’s been so hot here, I haven’t even tried it on yet but I think it will fit just fine. Should be nice and toasty for Autumn.

Maybe good for a new avatar photo too! 😉

Happy Crafting!

PS: WordPress blogger ???

Anyone know how to keep line spaces in a post, when using WP? I put in spaces and when I come back to that place on the page, they are no longer there. I don’t know why this happens over and over, but it sure is annoying. 😦 

9 responses

  1. It’s a very nice sweater Geraldine. I can’t imagine the work and tediousness that went into it though! lol But seriously I’ve always wondered how you get all the bits of different colour mixed in to look like an actual pattern wtihout a machine, computer programmed. Big project but it turned out awesome!

    I don’t know much about wordpress but I know that when I was having issues with blogger not placing my paragraphs the way I typed them, it was because I needed to update blogger itself. Perhaps that could be the issue?

  2. It came out really good. Now, if the weather would only cool off so you can start wearing it.

  3. Ger,
    Your sweater turned out beautifully!
    This is a pleasure to see!

  4. Hi Cathy, I feel that I’m getting to be a better knitter, in the past couple of years. I’m enjoying trying more challenging projects. Right now I’m working on some socks knit in a very fine yarn on (for me) tiny dpn (double point needles) that I use to find so hard to work with. Now it’s easy. I still think you’d love knitting or crocheting if you gave it a try. It is soooo relaxing and easy to work on anywhere. I’m so glad you liked my sweater. Yes, it was a challenge, but that’s part of the fun, when I finally finished especially. 😉

    Hi SandyL, Yeah, I would like to start wearing this sweater but it’s put away for now, probably until Sept. I finished a cotton shell that I’m going to post about too. That I need something to wear WITH lol, but could definitely wear it now. Do you knit at all? I know you love to quilt.

    Hi Brenda, And thanks again re: the buttons. What a challenge that was eh? You picked the perfect buttons.

    Happy Weekend, G 🙂

  5. You did such a beautiful job with this sweater. You are so talented.

  6. These are beautiful.
    I use WP so seldom that I couldn’t even begin to help. I can do what I need to do and sometimes don’t even understand what I did. Plus I have an Apple laptop and it is different than MSN,

  7. Amazing! This does not look at the least bit easy! k.

  8. Gosh this is gorgeous well I’m hoping that one day I can knit a scarf, ahhhh I’d be so proud
    and about blogger it drives me nuts it puts comments twice then it takes both away forget spaces or spelling or words they disappear, who knows maybe they’ve gone politically correct and have a dictionnary of words not to appear so it is automaticaly deleted which would explain why most of my comments make no sense at all

  9. Hi Joe, Ahhh shucks! 😉 Thanks Joe.

    Hi Teri, It’s actually one sweater Teri, I just like the back as much as the front LOL. And WP, well it’s got it’s quirks doesn’t it, but it’s good points too.

    Hi Manic, Welcome and thank you. Probably my most challenging knit project to date but I am happy I kept perservering and finished it. When I was younger I probably would have tossed it in the recycle bin a long time ago. 😉 I had some challenges along the way as the pattern was a bit sketchy for a Fair Isle newbie like me.

    Hi Lorraine, I hope you do take up knitting and give it a good try. It is SO worth it, in so many ways. Relaxing, rewarding, adds great items to your wardrobe, you can make special gifts for other people, take it anywhere you go, very reasonable price for a hobby if you watch for sale yarns….need I say more? Make sure to share your first project online ok!!!

    Hugs and Happy Wednesday, G 🙂

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