Goodies in the Mail!

I get a lot of goodies in the mail. 🙂

Some gifts, some things I order online and some products sent to me for review purposes…it’s always a nice  “pick me up” when something wonderful arrives in the mail; especially on days when I’m feeling less than happy.

Yesterday was a difficult day (long story….) but a good one for mail:

I have wanted a copy of this beloved, vintage cookbook: The Purity Cookbook (1945 edition) for a long time!

 I blogged about this cookbook here

SandMarg over at Etsy recently found another copy in great condition and I purchased it.

It was so much fun to browse through the pages and remember all the times my mom and I (and my gran too) made so many recipes from this book. Or just talked about making them sometimes! 😉

It will be a treasure in my cookbook collection, always.


And the first copies of my own poetry book: My Poetic Path arrived yesterday too!

The book came out very well except for a bit of very minor tweaking I might still do. For the most part though, I am so happy with how it turned out. I’m going to be contacting provincial public libraries first, about my book and on from there. Wish me luck!

This is a post about my experience of creating this book and ordering options too.


Anything good in the mail recently, for you? I hope so.

Happy Wednesday. 🙂

4 responses

  1. Geraldine,
    How really nice to hear that you were able to purchase this cookbook! I’m sure you will treasure it.
    I’m looking forward to opening my copy of your poetry book!
    Many best wishes as you promote your book, Ger!
    P.S. I posted a picture of the child’s sweater I crocheted, on my blog, as well as a video with a song by Gordon Lightfoot.

  2. I’m so glad you were able to get a copy of this vintage cookbook. It is fun to browse through, a visit back in time to that era. And great that your book is now available. It turned out great.

  3. Hi Brenda, I was really surprised that SandMarg was able to find another copy. This cookbook is very hard to get. I’ve tried for years actually. I hope you love my poetry book Brenda!

    Hi Joe, Me too! And yes, I’m happy with my poetry book too. Now on to the Haiku book!

    Happy Mid-Week, G 🙂

  4. It is nice to get goodies in the mail. I order alot of coupons and samples and it’s always great to see those envelopes in the mail box. What’s even better is the freebies like movie passes and grocery cards from rewards sites. We do love free movies!

    Glad to hear your book turned out so well.

    Planning to try one of the recipes from the grilling book you sent me in honor of father’s day on sunday. Will let ya know how it comes out!

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