Cat’s Paw Socks



Aren’t these purty!!! 😉

I finished these Cat’s Paw socks  (click for pattern page) about a week ago.

 I wear them all the time, they are so warm and cozy and it’s been SO cold in the past few days.

I actually amazed myself that I could knit socks that look as complicated as these do (at least they do to me LOL).

I used to look at sock patterns and completed socks like this at blogs and think to myself: NO WAY! But it wasn’t that hard.

There were a couple of glitches in the pattern though that I made a few changes to. When I’m working with DPN needles, I don’t need any additional challenges. 😉


How’s your weather been? Are you keeping the warm-woollies out too?

Looks like another good day for soup.

I made Sweet Red Pepper and Corn Chowder on Tuesday and Cream of Cauliflower yesterday. All gone, already!

Both recipes from my cookbook:  Not Just for Vegetarians.

Happy Crafting and Cooking ! 🙂

5 responses

  1. I have green ones just like that. My friend made then for me several years ago. I don’t wear them. Instead, I fill then with pretties at Christmas, and hang them up.

  2. These socks are beautiful!!!!
    I like the background story to these “Cats Paw” socks as well, although sad.
    Are these peach, or more of an orange? Either way they seem very cheery. It’s nice to have something warm and cheery to wear when the weather is cool.

  3. Beautiful socks. Too bad you had to modify the pattern but they turned out great.

  4. PS: Both soups were delicious, as always.

  5. Hi SandyL, Oh, these are too cozy and warm to go to waste. The only thing I’m filling these with are my tootsies LOL. And they are the fanciest socks I’ve had in a long while. 😉

    Hi Brenda, They are actually a nice warm gold color. I guess they show up a bit differently on your screen. It is a sad story about the pattern, I agree. And Mary Anne has since passed on too. But her lovely pattern is still be shared and enjoyed. That’s a nice remembrance.

    Hi Joe, Yes, they are pretty, I agree. And yes, the soups were too good to last.

    Happy Weekend, G 🙂

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