On the Menu Tonight: Groovy Green Bowls


I’m making this for supper tonight.

I NEVER tire of green bowls/rice bowls with plenty of crunchy veggies, seasoned grilled tofu and a yummy peanut sauce.

I named this version for the online/newspaper column I was hosting a while back: Groovy Green Grub.  Lack of time didn’t allow me to continue with these columns but I note they are still online at several sites. Nice to see. 🙂

 I make a sweet/sour peanut sauce with rice vinegar, organic peanut butter,tamari soy sauce and lots of spices for this. It’s the balance of sweet/sour that makes or breaks it. I stir up a bit different combo every time. A dash of this, a pinch of that…  That’s the real fun of cooking, isn’t it? Tweaking and trying out new ideas!

The only veggies that (for me) are a must in this: asparagus and broccoli. Other than that, as long as it’s crunchy and green, works for me! And I eating with chopsticks! Slows me down to enjoy every bite LOL 😉

What is your favorite rice bowl or stir-fry?

4 responses

  1. I like just about everything, as long as it isn’t too salty. This looks very good. Do you grow your own herbs?

  2. Supper was great. This looks good but it tastes even better.

  3. I’ve never had tofu, but I love eating soy beans popped fresh from the pod so perhaps I should watch a few how to videos on youtube to get the scoop on how to buy and prepare

  4. Hi SandyL, I’m with you on the salty part. I actually love salty foods but since I’ve been making a real effort to cut back on salt in the past few years, I don’t miss it much and it certainly is good healthwise to cut back.

    Hi Joe, Yeah, one of my fav dinners too. I never get tired of green bowls! 🙂

    Hi Cathy, Cooking with tofu is easy peasy. We don’t eat a lot of tofu but I always add to green bowls and sometimes to pasta dishes. I buy organic firm tofu and then wrap it in paper towels and put something on top to weight it down, to squeeze out excess water. I usually slice in 1/2 slices first. After it’s drained with the weight on it, it’s easy to cut into cubes..and use. I also dredge in a bit of cornstarch and Mrs. Dash, before grilling. Hope that’s helpful.

    Happy Cooking, G :<)

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