Easter Ched: Takin’ It to the Streets!


Mr. Cheddar here.


Yes, I am “taking it to the streets” in all my fluffy glory. Snort!!!

Spreading some Easter Cheer.

And of course, always on the look-out for some female companionship of the feline persuasion! 🙂

I know my dream date is out there somewhere, sigh….

In the meantime, Meowmie and I wish you a wonderful Easter.

I hope the Easter Bunny or Feline,  is super- duper generous this year.

May your Easter basket runneth over with all kinds of goodies ! 😉

7 responses

  1. LOL. I like it. Another great disguise from our Cheddar. Very funny.

    Happy Easter.

  2. that is an awesome costume mr cheddar…i hope you have a great day!

  3. Oh Dog! Mr. Cheddar! *shakes head*

  4. OMG,toooo funny.

  5. Hi Joe, I agree. Mr. Cheddar is a feline of many faces and he wears them all so well. 😉

    Hi Brian, Mr. Cheddar looks so warm and fuzzy in this one. I want to hug him even more than usual!

    Hi Rumpy, Indeedy!

    Hi Teri, We thought you’d find this a hoot being Ched’s Auntie and all.

    Happy Easter, G and the Chedster 🙂

  6. Mr Cheddar — you are too precious. Hoping your basket overflowed with as many goodies as you passed around! Happy Easter to you and your Meowmie! 😀

    (I’ve tried to create costumes for my feline and canine companions – but seems costume-creating abilities with the website you use gets the best of me … )

  7. Mr Cheddar is cute. Happy Easter !

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