Cardigan Update and the Button Search Continues!

March 31st update: The button search is over! Hooray. Finally found two sets (both possibilities) over at Ebay of all places.

This is one amazing button site: Must Love Buttons . Very reasonable prices too.

I’ll post a pic when my cardigan is complete with buttons, hopefully the mail won’t take too long. 🙂


I’ve finished all the knitting (except for the front button bands) on my Fairly Easy Fair Isle Cardigan. Woohooo! 🙂

Unfortunately, the quest to find buttons to finish this sweater and be able to actually wear it, continues.

I did receive the buttons I blogged about previously, shown here:

…that I had hoped to use. They just don’t look right with this sweater.


The green is pretty but not a good match with the actual contrast yarn I was trying to match. Also, they are made from shells and are very thin. Will have to use these elsewhere.               

So now I’m looking for buttons that will match the main color.

This swatch is quite accurate in terms of the dusty pink yarn I used:

I need at least 6 (preferably a couple of extra ones too) in a 1″ size. Not too thin but not coat buttons either.

Again, I thought this would be easy to find. Not so far. 😦

I’ve checked online at several sites and no luck.

 If anyone can suggest a site or have buttons in their stash to sell etc…please let me know.

I did note some of these cardigans at a few blogs, finished with flower (daisy) shaped buttons and that was nice too.

Spring is almost here. I want to wear this sweater sooner than later lol!

8 responses

  1. It’s amazing that it’s been so hard to find suitable buttons. The sweater looks so good; you must have the right buttons to finish it. Hopefully you can find them soon.

  2. Even though the buttons don’t quite match the green in the Fair Isle Cardigan, they are beautiful. Can’t wait to see the sweater complete with buttons!

  3. It’s good to hear that you’ve almost completed this sweater. 🙂
    I thought I’d visit just to see if you had.
    Hmm, these buttons are pretty, and should go with something else nicely I’ll bet.
    Good luck with the button search!

  4. Hi Joe, It’s frustrating too. When you live most of your life in larger cities where it’s easy to go out and buy most craft supplies (like buttons) it seems strange when that’s not the case now. And then, no luck online either. 😦 Oh well, maybe the dusty rose will be the one to find and soon. Time for another online browse today.

    Hi Diana, They are very pretty, exactly as in photo actually. But all wrong with this cardie. I’m adding them to my button stash for now.

    Hi Brenda, Thanks Brenda. And thanks for trying to help before with finding some. I wish they had a really good fabric store here but only one tiny one and not well-stocked. Oh well, I’m going to wear this sweater and soon. Onward button search!!! 😉

    Happy Weekend, G

  5. PS: Yesterday (March 28th) I made another online “tour” of as many button sites as I could find/have time for. Nada, nothing…So I packed up my lovely cardigan for now. I’d love to finish it, but it might be a while. When we can shop in a bigger place or if by chance something suitable shows up for these buttons, in the meantime. Frustrating, amazing but true how elusive 6- 1″ dusty rose buttons could be. The button search is now on hold. 😦

  6. Geraldine,
    I have sent you an e-mail regarding this.
    Please let me know your thoughts. 🙂

  7. Hi, Geraldine,
    Yesterday, I went out for abit puttering around, and browsed through Fabricland, so looked at buttons.
    Really I would be more than happy to try and find some, I too want to see you finishe your sweater, and have the chance to enjoy wearing it!
    Anyways, to make a long story short – I didn’t buy any, because I wasn’t quite sure of the shad and couldn’t remember the size. There is also another fabric store, I want to look at called Globe Fabrics, it’s HUGE, and should have a very good selection of buttons, I think.

    Would you be able to e-mail to me the picture here, of the sweater swatch, for me to take when looking? I see that you need 1 inch size.
    Then I can print it off, on Paul’s printer.

  8. Hi Brenda, That’s SO kind of you but I do have the Must Love Buttons shop owner (see sidebar, under yarn supplies for her link) on the lookout for me and she has tons of buttons to pick from. I was very pleased with the quality of buttons I got from her before. She has a yarn swatch to use for matching now so I don’t think it will be too hard to get something perfect from her shop, now or soon. I really appreciate your offer to help though. It’s just been crazy, trying to get these buttons. So hard, who knew. 😉

    Happy Friday, G

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