Mr. Cheddar and I Have Been Searching for Mice!


I want to make a couple of new mice toys for Mr. Cheddar and also for some feline gifts too.

The Chedster is kind of bored with the “store-bought” mice he has right now, like the one in the photo above.

“Yawn….sigh Meowmie. I need new mice, preferably the wiggling kind!” Mr. Cheddar says.


Well, no way on the “wiggling kind” but I am more that happy to make some new catnip knit/crochet mice for him.

Wow, you’d think that would be an easy-peasy pattern to find. NOT. 😦 I looked online at many sites in the past few days. Nada. Some didn’t look like mice at all. Some had complicated or untested patterns. Some had questionable “parts” sew -on eyes etc. Some were…just plain sad.

I finally found a knitted (had planned to crochet but what the heh!) mouse pattern over at: The Kat’s Scratch Pad for Nibbles the Mouse that looks adorable.

Nibbles is one cute mouse and the pattern sounds like it would work out just fine. Now I need to get some “mousey” colored yarn (Ched likes authentic mice!) and get knitting.

Speaking of knitting projects, my Fair Isle Cardigan is on the home stretch. I’m working on the yoke section right now. Slow going with all those stitches across a row but it looks great.

And yes, I finally found some perfect (I hope) buttons, over at Etsy. (click to visit this shop)

The buttons are coming all the way from Hong Kong so it will take a while to know if they are as perfect as they look to be, in this pic, to finish my sweater. Made from cut shells and painted. I think they are so nice! Great price too, including the postage. Some buttons I looked at were SO expensive and not as nice as these look.

Contrast color yarn I was trying to match.

What do you think? I like the pearly look to these buttons too. 🙂

I’m still working on my cable headband. Half-way there, maybe still time to wear it this winter if I hurry LOL. 😉

And I need more yarn to complete my patchwork blanket/throw.

That’s it for the knitting news! Now me and Chedster are off to search for some “mouse yarn”.  🙂

8 responses

  1. Cute! I hope those eyes are too large to pose a choking hazard for the Chedz!

  2. Love the mouse, so would Ninnie! The buttons look perfect, love the color!

  3. The Chedster needs lots of good mice to play with. Safe and fun and ones that look like real mice. I saw that octopus pattern too. How lame is that. I like Nibbles, hopefully Ched will too.

  4. Geraldine,
    This mouse is just purrfection…Ched will definitely have fun with this, I would think.
    Just puleease – not in pink, I hope…Ched would agree with me I think.
    Arthur and I love the picture of Ched!
    Headbonks to Ched x 2!

  5. Geraldine,
    This IS a very nice mouse!
    Yep, I think a soft grey or brown would be nice.
    The buttons are very pretty, you seem to be able to find such interesting sites.
    You certainly ARE knitting up a storm!
    Happy yarn hunting!

  6. Hi Rumpy, Yes, the mouse in the photo above is complete with secure eyes etc.. and we never leave out any toys that are “iffy” for Ched to play with unsupervised. One of my big time pet peeves, pet toys that are so unsuitable and often dangerous for pets to play with alone. One of the good things about making some ourselves. The mice I’m going to make will have embroidered eyes, nose…no sew ons! Thanks for this good reminder!

    Hi Rachael, I love these buttons too. They are on the way, hopefully won’t take too long to get here. Mail to our little city is SO slow!

    Hi Joe, Yeah, Nibbles rocks! On my to knit list! 😉

    Hi Brenda, Oh no, definitely NOT pink. I’m looking for mousey browns and greys for these. Maybe a touch of pink for the ears though, what do you think? Yes, I am so enjoying clicking along again. What are you working on now?

    Happy Mid-week from me and the Chedster, G 🙂

  7. your kitty is quite handsome!

  8. i’m still finding dead mouses at my front door… either their poor little feetseezs are missing or the stomach is laid open to see all inside…. my kitty loves me….

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