Mr Cheddar: Feline of Many Faces!!!!

Mr. Cheddar sometimes feels the need  to get away from all the pressures of being an online celebrity and world-famous blogger.  When he does, here are some of the many disguises that he has been known to use.


That face in the crowd. Perhaps…somehow, vaguely familiar….

Now, all is revealed!


I Wanna Be a Rockstar Ched



Me ummmm….Caveman Ched



Protecting Your Liberty Ched



Hunka Hunka Burnin’ …Ched!!!!



Oh, so pretty…Ched. He doesn’t use this one very often! 😉



Muscle Beach Party Ched.

He uses this one as much as the weather allows! Go figure eh. 😉


Mr. Cheddar and I Wish You a Super Duper Week! 🙂

25 responses

  1. Mr. Cheddar, I like you best the way you naturally are – you’re such a beautiful cat. But it was fun to see all the other sides of you.

  2. OMG!!! Chedman, you are so handsome no matter what you wear. You really outdid yourself on this fab post!!!!!!!

  3. *giggles* You and June Buggie have WAY too much in common!

  4. Ched,
    We like your disguises, but do prefer you just the way you are!
    However, we too think this looks like alot of fun!
    High 4’s and big Headbonks!
    Herbert and Arthur

  5. haha ched has many talents…smiles…

  6. This is so funny. The many sides of Ched. I like the Caveman Ched and Hunka, Hunka Elvis Ched the most.

  7. Hi Bongo, Mr. Cheddar REALLY appreciated your comment. He is a beauty, I agree.

    Hi Teri, Ched and I knew that his Auntie Teri would get a LOL out of this one. 😉

    Hi RumpyDog, Oh so true! I love June Buggies “disguises” too. 🙂

    Hi Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, It was a lot of fun doing this post. I laughed a lot too!

    Hi Brian, He certainly does. And not just as “regular” Mr. Cheddar.

    Hi Joe, I like the Elvis Ched most of all but they are all a hoot I think. I don’t think Ched liked the reveal all that much though. Now he’s going to have to find new disguises when he wants to get away from the crowds LOL.

    Happy Week, G 🙂

  8. I will dream of Mr. Cheddar tonight… but with a smile on my face!

  9. oooohhhh my girls were just besides themselves with all these rockin photos of the chedmaster! they do love a man in uniform and he really rocks the ripped abs look! head bonks and a stolen smooch or two from your most ardent fans in ontario, phoebes and chloe xoxoxoxo

  10. ps if she wasn’t ‘unavailable’ chloe and the ched would make beautiful babies, they’d be a lovely creamy orange colour!

  11. Hi Bongo, You are ok for a dog, ya know! And yes, I am so handsome, can’t argue with that. 😉

    Hi Auntie Teri, It was actually meowmie’s goofey idea but it is kind of funny. The only problem, I must now indeed search for new disguises when the fans and fame get to be too much. 😦

    Hi Rumpy, Oh I’m sooooo ok with that. 😉

    Hi Ms. Brenda, Herbert and Arthur, Pray tell, do you (H and A) also don disguises? I thought you might want to keep your mom on her toes by dressing up now and then and hiding behind the door when she arrives home from work etc? Humans are SO much fun to confuse. Snortt…..ok meowmie, chill…I’m just joshin’ Ms. Brenda is A-OK!

    Hi Pawmie, FYI: I have been asked to sing at Elvis Tribute conventions on more than one occasion. It’s true Pawmie. But I must remain true to my online roots and fans! Sigh…only so many hours in the day.

    Hi Meowmie, Ok, I forgive you for “blowing my cover”this time! I was getting kinda tired of these disguises anyways. Well, maybe not the muscle man one. That one always makes the girls purr realllllllllllllllllllll loud. 🙂

    Hi Ms. Rachel, Sweet dreams my dear.

    Hi Ms. Cathy and Fair Felines of Ontario, Oh so wonderful to read you all enjoyed seeing me in my many “looks” above. Yes, the ripped abs are one of my best feature. Of course, I don’t need any embellishments in reality, in this respect. I am oh so toned and terrif’ just the way I am. As far as babies are concerned, that is an area I might ahhhhem…have a bit of a problem helping with anyways. Enough said, ouch!!! Still something I don’t like to think about. You gals understand, I’m sure being oh so sensitive and all that.

    Chiao for now, The Chedster 🙂

  12. Hahaha, I was not expecting this today. Funny and clever. I liked the caveman so much!! We have a photo of our oldest son dressed up like that when he was six. Thank you for the smiles.

  13. haha, bongo has it right, how he normally is:)
    the caveman was pretty durn funny:)

  14. Hi Rachael, The best way to go to sleep…smiling! 🙂

    Hi Cathy, Your comments made me laugh, thank you! Mr. Ched approved too, of course.

    Hi Mr. Cheddar, Oh Ched, you’re the bestest, whatever you wear or don’t wear. 😉

    Hi Christine, Nice to “see” you again Christine. I’m glad this post made you smile. I bet that photo of your son is a cutie!

    Hi Ed, Welcome to Veggies…Yeah, pretty durn funny and that’s no joshin’ I am kind of into 60’s lingo lately, a “square” here, a “clobber” there… LOL. 😉 We’ve been watching The Fugitive DVD’s from the 60’s and some of the jargon…priceless! And this was definitely not a comedy series.

    Happy Thursday, G 🙂

  15. Hi Geraldine!

    I am going to purchase the 3 books and get 4th free for $50.00. However, I could not get to paypal from your site when I clicked on the link. Help!!!

  16. Hi Diana, I’ve sent you an email and a paypal request too. Happy Cooking! 🙂

  17. Mr. Ched,
    Well, I too must say I love your beautiful face just the way it is – unadorned and undisguised.
    However you sure could make a good undercover sleuth, and I’m sure you will think of some more disguises, since your Meowmie aka Geraldine has thrown your cover so to speak.
    I just wanted to let you and your Meowmie know that very cold weather and a possible blizzard with up to 15 cm. of snow, is on it’s way here this evening from Alberta, I hear.
    Herb and Arthur were absolutely out of sorts, or ie. horribly noisy last night, fighting/wrestling, meowing, and scratching at the doors for some reason – now I think they may have been sensing the coming storm from Alberta.
    Are you also good at predicting weather changes, Ched?
    Well, to make a long story short – I finally got up at 2:30 a.m. and fed the 2 guys – I hope they don’t think this will happen every night – as you know they ARE on a diet.
    Take care dear Mr. Ched,
    H and A send Headbonks, and want to see more disguises some day – heehee.

  18. hello dear… this is such a great post.. a few months behind but i had to comment how good this is… it reminds me of how they took angelina’s leg and posted it in all these pictures …. it was heelarhreeussss…. the kitty is a mighty animal….

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  20. Mr. Ched, you crack me up!! LOL!!!!

  21. Oh Mr Cheddar, you are indeed a man of mystery! woo woo woo!

  22. this is still a great laugh, as a reblog. Mr. Ched rocks.

  23. Very clever. A cat of many faces. 🙂

  24. Hi Julianna, Mr. Cheddar is pleased to hear it! 😉

    Hi Rumpy, Isn’t he though! Woo hoo…back at ya, Rumpy. 😉

    Hi Joe, It always works for me.

    Hi Joyce, He is indeedy. 😉

    Happy Wednesday from me and the Chedster!

  25. So funny!!!! I love Mr. Cheddar!!! He made me smile 🙂

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