Button, button…who’s got the buttons?

My Fairly Easy Fair Isle cardigan, that I blogged about in the 2 posts below this one,  is coming along just great!

I have now completed both sleeves and the second one, working the pattern section was almost easy. 😉

I’ve just started the body of the sweater, that is worked in one piece, on circular needles. I’m not crazy about working on circulars at any time but I did come up with a couple of tips that are helping to move things along faster than usual:

* I dipped the circulars in very warm water to soften up the cables and help to straighten them quite a bit. The needles I’m using are plastic so no worries about getting them wet.

* Stitches tend to tighten up (go figure, and not just with me!) when working on circulars. I realised I had a habit of  working close to the points when knitting a stitch (at times) not pushing the stitch down to the widest part of the needle, making the loop a bit bigger before completing the stitch. This little change has made a big difference in the progress I’m making.

I’ve also been looking for buttons to finish this sweater and I thought it would be an easy thing to do. But I haven’t had any luck so far.

The cardigans I’ve seen made with this pattern  have had one of the contrast colors for the button color, so I was thinking the avocado or spring green I’m using would be nice. The buttons are 1″ and I need 6 at least, I usually like to get a couple of extras, just in case.

 I tried Etsy, some online button companies, Ebay, local (forget it!)….nothing. The only avocado greens I find are in that ugly shade they used to have for kitchen appliances. Definitely NOT what I want.

Here’s the photo again, showing the contrast colors, including the greens:


If you have any suggestions for a good place to find buttons online. Or if you have any in your own stash you’d like to sell or pass along; do share in a comment here.


I’m also working on my novel this morning (passed 56,000 words as of yesterday) and it’s going so well. Almost finished the first draft, ready to print out and start editing.

 I plan to work on my cardigan today too. I’ll need those buttons, real soon! 😉

 I’m on a knitting binge these days. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it and how relaxing it is too. A great way of chilling out!

I’m working on this cardigan, a large “patchwork” knit throw and a knitted cable headband right now.

Happy Weekend and Week. 🙂

7 responses

  1. Geraldine,
    It sounds like you’re having fun!
    Hmmm…I wish I did have a collection of buttons, but unfortunately don’t.
    Just one small, unprofessional suggestion – what about wooden buttons in a light brown, that seems to go well with most colours.
    I think I’ll have to search abit online for avocado green buttons, for fun. I like a challenge.
    If I find anything I’ll let you know.
    Happy knitting!

  2. Hi Brenda, Thanks for trying to help with the button search. No, I don’t think I want brown with this, wooden or otherwise.

    If you take a look at this post:


    you’ll see why I want to stick with one of the contrast colors. It really makes this a fun looking finished sweater, having some nice colorful buttons to complete. I would be happy with either the avocado or spring green contrast colors that would match the yarn. The colors in my yarn photo for the green are quite accurate. If you come across some nice 1″ green buttons that are a possibility, do let me know.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, G 🙂

  3. Oh, I do see, Geraldine. It will look pretty with the buttons in one of the contrasting colours.
    I found two sites, one called “Button, button”, and one called “Sawyer Brooks”, but as you say it is abit hard to find this shade of green. These 2 sites have quite a large selection and some nice greens…you may have already looked on them.
    It will be interesting to see what you are able to find!
    P.S. Did you receive my e-mail today?

  4. Oops, the site I looked at is “Button boutique”, not “Button, button”.

  5. Brenda, I did check out these sites. The Sawyer one, no go. Nothing close there. I did find one at the other site that I think would be nice. I’m assuming you are referring to the company in Victoria? There’s a few online with very similar names. They have a pretty ceramic type button that looks like a nice spring green. I emailed them for more info. I couldn’t see prices there. Also found a shop on Etsy that is trying to find something suitable for what I need. It was very nice of you to check. I thought it would be an easy search! Not so far, but hopefully will find the perfect buttons soon. 🙂

  6. Oh, you’re very welcome!

  7. I wish I could help, I am always looking for a button! Love the colors! Beautiful!

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