Fairly Easy Fair Isle Cardigan Update


Taaaa daaaa……. 

I am so happy that I finally got this sweater started. 🙂

The photo above is of the first sleeve (completed but not blocked). I struggled with the pattern for a couple of reasons but with a little bit of help along the way from some bloggers, knitting videos and books on the subject of Fair Isle, I finally figured it out. So far at least LOL.

For anyone who is making this pattern from the Stitch and Bitch Nation book, here’s a few tips you might also find helpful:

-The sleeve instructions do not mention that there is 1 stitch at each end of row, that is not included in the chart. So when you start the chart, keep that in mind and just knit or purl the first and last stitch and then work the chart rows in between.

-The chart rows have the numbers all on one end but the rows go back and forth on the chart. I always thought that charts were to be read from the number and then forward but that’s not the case, at least with this pattern.

-Finally, when holding the yarns (I knit English/American style with yarn in my right hand only) keep the dominant color that is currently in use, under the other yarn. For example, if as in my case you have a pink main color and are working the green pattern you would start the green design with the green yarn below the pink one.

Floats (the strands of contrast color yarn in between patterns) I am still working on to get them a bit neater. But not too bad for a first try.

I am really happy with how this pattern looks so far. It needs to be blocked to make the patterns really POP (or so I’ve been reading) but the colors seem to go together so well. So much nicer in reality too.

This yarn is working out great. You can read more about it in the post below this one.

I need to pick out some nice buttons for this cardigan too. The pattern and ones I’ve seen online show contrast buttons. I don’t know yet what I’ll use but hope to find some vintage or reuseable buttons to give it a nice finished look.

I’m off to knit sleeve two. Yippee!!! 🙂

Have a wonderful week. And happy knitting (if you are too). 😉

PS: If anyone reads this that is making this sweater and wants to ask a question about it, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer it here. I think I’ve worked out all the kinks now!!!

10 responses

  1. That is relally going fast! It is so neat!!

  2. I wish that I could still knit, but my hands feel the pain after a short while! Beautiful!

  3. Lovely colour and pattern Geraldine. Alot of hard work, I’m sure it will turn out gorgeous. This is where patience comes in hmm? lol

  4. This looks so great in reality, better than the photo, I agree. It’s too bad you had these problems with the pattern. It’s surprising that they have patterns with mistakes like this.

  5. Hi SandyL, Except for the pattern sections, it’s a very easy pattern. I am so happy with how fast it’s going too, now that I’ve worked out the kinks. 😉

    Hi Rachael, I’m sorry you can’t knit anymore, that’s sad. I love to knit, crochet even better. This was fun to be challenged a bit this time too.

    Hi Cathy, Thanks Cathy. Patience yes but so rewarding and relaxing too. I still think you’d love knitting or crocheting if you gave it a whirl. And what a little doll you’ve got to make clothes for now. 🙂

    Hi Joe, Thanks Joe. The color of the yarns doesn’t show up as in reality, with the flash. it is such a pretty combo, I agree.

    Happy Week, G

  6. Great to see how the sweater is coming!
    It looks really nice, and the yarn does seem perfect – very soft.
    I love the colours – it will be very nice to wear come spring.
    Happy knitting!!

  7. Congratulations on figuring the pattern out. It looks great.

  8. Hi Brenda, It is going really well. Another thing I did to make it easier (for me at least) was to write out the chart rows as written instructions. I never like reading charts/graphs and really appreciate when designers give the option of using either type of instructions. In this pattern, only the charts were available. I started the second sleeve today and did all the design work already! It was so much easier, not having to read the chart.

    And yes, the colors are so pretty. It’s kind of hard to visualize, choosing colors of yarn before actually knitting them, but these look so nice together. Thanks for your kind words.

    Hi Bongo, You are one smart doggie to appreciate knitting. Mr. Cheddar does too but for all the wrong reasons!!! 😉

    Happy Week, G

  9. this is truly lovely
    the colors are so cheerful too

  10. I’m knitting this too! Mine is brown with pink and white accents.

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