The Blogging News x 4!

I’m taking a break from blogging at Veggies….you can read more about what I’m currently working on here at my Happy Break blog.

I hope you will continue to stop by to enjoy the extensive recipe archives…here.


As I’ve explained in the link above, My Real Life Reviews and Take a Happy Break are still up and running, I’ll be posting at both every week. I just have too much “on my plate” right now to keep up all four blogs.


I will still be visiting all my fav blogs too. Just not as often as I have been, for a while.

Happy Autumn, G 🙂

3 responses

  1. I sent Bongo to check out your blog, but he said he’d leave this one to me. He likes his meat, I prefer vegetarian cuisine so this was a nice surprise even if you aren’t posting to it at the moment. Oh, and I think Mr. Cheddar is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Happy autumn to you, Geraldine!

  3. Hi Bongo, So nice to meet ‘ya! And the Ched thinks you’re swell, for a dog that is!!!!

    Hi Pnyks, And to you too. My fav time of year.

    It was good to meet you both over at Rumpy Dogs place. And Mr. Cheddar was so honored to be a guest there recently.

    Happy Week, G 🙂

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