What’s In Your Veggie Burgers???

I did some extensive reading online this week re: the manufacturing of commercial veggie burgers; while preparing to write a review about a popular brand. What I found was disturbing to say the least.

You can read my full review and links to other reports at: My Real Life Reviews, Yves Prima Veggie Burgers.

On a happier note and as I said in this review; I will be sharing a new homemade veggie burger recipe here soon. Delish and easy to make. 🙂 Stay tuned!

And keep reading those labels. It is so worth it.

4 responses

  1. It’s good to be informed.

    The lentil veggie burgers you made were wonderful.

  2. sorry I didn’t read it just saw that puss up there Mr. Dash I mean Mr. Ched and totally lost my concentration, he’s so adorable///

  3. oh my, I just bought some morning star veggie burgers, I guess they’ll be my last
    looking forward to trying out your recipe!!! thank you so much!!

  4. Hi Joe, And isn’t it great, thanks to the internet and ingredient lists on pkg. we can be informed.

    Hi Lorraine, He is a handsome fella. I’ll tell him you said that. And so glad the “kids” there are enjoying their prizes!

    Hi Sydney, Nice to see you again. I’ve eaten (too) many of those brands myself, I know how you feel. But better to know at some point than never. I’ll be reviewing some better choices at my review blog when I can and also a new veggie burger book review is in the works too.

    Happy Mid week, G 🙂

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