Craving A Trip to Caketown !!!


Over at Selma In The City there’s a recent post featuring a very cool photo for a shop/cafe named Caketown. Click on through to check it out!

I thought Caketown was such a fun name!

It also got me craving a big piece of carrot cake, one of the only cakes that I now really, really like. I’m not much of a dessert fan for the most part but this cake is a definite exception.

 I’m including the link to my all-time favorite carrot cake recipe (with a not too sweet icing) too and the yummy photo below:

Try setting this one as your screensaver or desktop background. Definite yummm…factor but do not attempt to access with a fork! LOL 

What is your favorite cake? If you have a link to the recipe, please include it too.

Cakes can be such works of art as well.

My mom, Helen was a superb baker but strangely she did not like (or excel at) cooking, go figure.

 I still remember her many prize-winning exhibition / fall fair cakes and she was up against some very stiff competition and dozens and dozens of other entries most years. 

And those amazing birthday cakes that she also created year after year, that were ooohhhed and ahhhhed about by my little pals in those days. My wonderful teachers too. We invited our teachers to birthday parties back then in the early grades. I wonder if parents with young children still do that? It was a great honor/thrill for me!

Happy Baking and Weekend too. 🙂

17 responses

  1. I made this cake from your recipe…yummy. I also love carrot cake with angel food right behind it.

  2. I will be over tomorrow afternoon for a slice, cup of tea and a nice chat! You do not mind me inviting myself over do you? It looks so good, love the picture….RaeDi

  3. A trip to Caketown sounds like a fun time. No piece of this carrot cake is ever too big. Yumm, yum.

  4. You had me at carrot cake! I had to remember to read the post… almost forgot. This is my favorite kind of cake. German chocolate with either the traditional icing, or my own chocolate frosting comes in a very close second. Oh heck, I love cake – period!

    I was always a pretty good baker. I have an affinity for all the rules involved. But I can cook decent dinners, too. I’m always surprised when I hear that a lot of folks only feel comfortable with one or the other. (I bet there’s a scientific reason for that!) The sad thing for me now is that I’d rather buy carrot cake somewhere that makes it well, than bake it myself, but I can’t afford to, so I do without. I’ve got a feeling that my fortunes will turn soon. Maybe I’ll even feel like baking again! Thanks for the eye candy of the edible sort. 🙂

  5. Geraldine, this is such a nice memory of your Mom.
    She was a VERY talented woman.
    It sounds like fun to have won prizes in the exhibitions – I always remember going through these exhibits as a child. I loved the busy atmosphere and the wonderful things to see.
    This is nice that your family invited your teachers for cake on your birthday – what a wonderful idea.
    My mom was also a great baker, and one of my many favourites was a chocolate roll, with whipped cream on the inside, and very sweet chocolate icing on the outside.

  6. Hi Teri, Oh that’s nice to read. I wish I had a piece to go with my coffee right now. We had a lot of angel food cakes when I was a kid. With strawberry-whipped cream icing usually. ohhhh…so yummy.

    Hi Rachael, Sounds like a plan. I think if we got together we’d never run out of cookbooks and recipes to talk about and try. I love seeing your latest culinary creations too. Always gorgeous.

    Hi Joe, I agree! 😉

    Hi Sparks, Store bought carrot cake just does not stack up although in a pinch it is better than nothing I guess. This is actually a rather inexpensive cake to make and very easy. I hope you give it a try when y ou can. Nice to see you again.

    Happy Long Weekend, G 🙂

  7. Hi Brenda, Your comment came through while I was typing mine.

    I remember those chocolate rolls, they were popular years ago, not so sure now. And so delish.

    I can imagine your mom as being a very good baker. She was so meticulous with her sewing skills and with knitting…it would be easy to imagine her creating beautiful cakes too.

    Yes, I remember several birthday parties that my grade school teachers were invited to and came. I loved school and the teachers I had were great. It was something a lot of people did as I remember. Yummy cake and candles, Silverwoods Rainbow Ice Cream, lots of friends and a “swell” teacher at the end of the table! Didn’t get much more fun than that. Oh I forgot to mention, my mom usually made me a new dress for the occasion and one to match for my Barbie doll too! How’s that for coordinating. LOL

    Happy Weekend, G

  8. I am wanting to take a large bite of that piece of cake!!!!

  9. I love carrot cake, carrot muffins etc. Funny how I’m not a big fan of actual carrots! lol My absolute fave though is my mom’s pineapple upside down cake! Oh how I miss that cake she made. I tried to recreate it but it never quite measures up to the memory and since she’s gone now I can’t ask her what the “special” ingredient was that made it taste so darn good.

  10. I don’t bake but never hesitate i n buying something that looks this delish…;)

  11. Hi Diana, I’ve got this as my desktop background right now and it’s a tough one to look at! Magnified it’s even yummier looking. I want a piece right now too!

    Hi Cathy, That’s interesting about the carrots but really when they are baked in cakes etc, you only really taste their sweetness and the texture they provide. About that pineapple upside-down cake, I’ve made a LOT of those over the years. It was my first husband’s absolute fav cake but in his opinion I never burnt it around the edges enough, like his mom had done LOL. He liked it that way apparently but I didn’t want to burn a cake! Isn’t it always the way that what our moms make taste best of all? Grandmas too. In that respect it’s apple pie and bread for me. Such wonderful memories!

    Hi Lorraine, Have to bake to get it this delish! Maybe you should give this a whirl my dear. 😉
    Better than donuts too.

    Hugs and Happy Sunday, G 🙂

  12. I love baking, hate cooking, just like your mom. I haven’t baked much since I quit eating gluten because I’ve been too lazy to learn what wheatless flours to use, but maybe I’ll get back into it someday. I used to be quite good at cakes, cookies, and candy-making! Also equally good at consuming such things, too.

  13. Ger,
    I like your description of your birthday party, I can clearly see it!
    I now remember Silverwoods ice cream!
    I think your Mom, and mine seem to have been cut out of a similar cloth.
    I remember all those handmade Barbie clothes, and I do wish I’d saved them.
    Wishing you a happy, sunny day!

  14. I am drooling so much over your delectably delicious carrot cake I am practically swooning. Nom nom nom. When I was a teacher I used to get invited to all the kids birthday parties. I went too. It was different in those days – friendlier. Everything is so serious now; I think it would be viewed as being politically incorrect to attend a child’s birthday party these days as a teacher. Such a shame. But there is always your luscious carrot cake to cheer us up. Mhmmmmmmmm….

  15. Hi Marey, I lot of people have a preference it seems. For me, it’s cooking but I do love to bake too. Especially scratch breads. Oh, and the occasional carrot cake too. 😉

    Hi again Brenda, I agree, Silverwood’s Ice Cream rocked! I remember the cylinders, and how you could push out the ice cream and slice the perfect slice of yummy!

    Hi Sel, Oh that’s so nice to read about you attending kid’s parties but so sad if it isn’t done now. I think the teachers and their students are missing out. In recent years, I spent a lot of time with wonderful teachers as part of one of my jobs. They worked so hard, from what I saw. A break out of the classroom for fun time with the kids would be appreciated by many of them now, I think. I still remember those birthdays so well.

    Happy Week, G

  16. Hi Geraldine~
    LOVE LOVE carrot cake. Unfortunately our oven does not bake well so I don’t do much baking but I used to- lots of candy and cookie baking too. I am thinking it might be a good thing if our oven is “off” as I love to sample and eat all the goodies as well :(. Interesting comment about kids’ birthday parties. It is VERY rare to be included in students’ lives outside of school. There are some occasions when teachers are invited to Graduation parties- but it is few and far between. I really don’t know what I think about it since it has never been an issue. I used to tutor and became very close to those students and did all kinds of things with them outside of tutoring and school, but as a teacher, I would feel uncomfortable attending even though I would see the child in a different light and vice versa. It’s kind of like Facebook- I will accept student requests as long as they have graduated from our school and moved on. Just my opinion though.

  17. I am wondering how cooking and baking are separate skill sets. I am a baker, not a cooker. Not my thing, the details of a meal, yet if I care enough to create a great dessert, why can’t I create a beautiful meal? I don’t get it.

    Your cake looks gorgeous.

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