Mr. Cheddar: Fearless Bug Warrior?

You can read about Ched and his “bug-o-phobia” here!

Headbonks from Ched and Hugs from me! 🙂

Also submitted for: Animal Wednesday

8 responses

  1. Every once in awhile she doesn’t post the link. Not sure why. The only other player this week is Lisa at that I know of.

    The Chedman is just too cute and manly of course.

    HAW and so happy to see you playing.

  2. The Chedman IS a fearless bug warrior, we know that. Unless they are really, really big bugs.

  3. More of you to Love Fearless bug warrior, more of you to love xx

  4. Chedman the Fearless Bug Warrior is on a much needed rest… I am sure! Weight I am sure between your bigger bones and your fur you are perrrfect! Love our cats, they get worn out being on guard for bugs, mice and such… Love the picture….RaeDi

  5. Hi Teri, Gotcha! I’m glad I was able to enjoy the amazing Sunshine though.
    He is a bundle of fun and oh so manly, I agree.

    Hi Joe, Ahhh…there’s the rub, bug SIZE is everything LOL. 😉

    Hi Lorraine, Ched says You is nice!!!

    Hi Rachael, Ched actually is a very good weight for his size, about 15 lbs. he is a big boy but not fat. This is a strange looking shot ’cause he does look kinda fat. A lot of fur on that tummy!

    Happy Thursday from me and the Ched, G 🙂

  6. He’s not fat, he’s just furry. He’s grown extra fur from being suych an amazing bug warrior. Love you, Mr. Ched!

  7. Mr. Cheddar, Fearless Bug Warrior and Celebrity Blogger!

    Dear Humanoids and Feline Friends, I think it has been established that I am definitely NOT a porker!

    Auntie Sel, that is exactly the way it is, I have grown extra fur as a result of being such a stellar bug catcher and ’cause winter is on the way. Snort….Meowmie loves winter, she is tres strange!

    Meowmie is working on several yarny projects right now. I am just waiting for my chance to do some customizing on one of more of these when I can. Meowmie WILL be sorry that she posted this rather unflattering photo. Snort….oh, maybe not. After all, must remember din-din comes 2 times a day and I DO have to rely on the humanoids here for that important task.

    Off to catch a few rays and zzzzz, The Ched! 😉

  8. Mr. Ched,
    You are really very adorable, and although you may feel this is an unflattering picture, it really isn’t – did you not also notice how soft and healthy your coat shows up?

    Headbonks from Herbert and Arthur

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