Mr. Cheddar Stops In to Say….

Oh Ched….. 

Actually, a nap in the afternoon sounds good to me too! 😉

Have a Wonderful Week from me and Mr. Cheddar!


8 responses

  1. Ched, not a care in the world, napping away.

  2. Sweet dreams Ched, from Herbert and Arthur!!!

  3. oh how gorgeous and cool is HE, Hey Ched, so happy t see you and mom here 😉

  4. Hi Joe, Probably thinking of big mice! In dreams catching any size of critter is ok, right? 😉

    Hi Brenda, And headbonks back to Herb and Arthur too.

    Hi Lorraine, He is such a gorgeous big guy. A wimp but gorgeous. LOL

    Hugs and happy week, G

  5. Cats sure know how to take a good cat nap! We could learn a lot from them. Love the picture! ….RaeDi

  6. That is about the most content anyone could get.
    Love the way he is all snuggled up. Head bonks to you guy.

  7. You snooze as much as you like you beautiful boy. What a contented look he has. He is super-adorable!

  8. Hi Rachael, And they know how to keep still when it’s very hot out, so smart. It’s been wicked hot here for about a week and I am so sick of it!

    Hi Teri, He was such a nervous wreck when we adopted him 4 years ago so it’s so nice to see him relaxed and happy now. The lives of cats eh….good thing they have 9!

    Hi Sel, Mr.Ched loves how you come up with these lovely descriptions for him. Super adorable, like it!

    Mr. Cheddar sends you all a special headbonk and I wish you all a wonderful week, G 🙂

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