Spelt Bread: the Delish Redo!

I’ve been experimenting with other types of grains/flours/bread “add ons” lately, including spelt flour. You can read more about spelt here.

 I don’t know about your recipe searches online but it never fails to amaze me what is often posted and described as a good recipe but in reality is actually just plain bad! And considering the positive comments that some of these questionable recipes get, go figure? Do these readers actually make these recipes or are they just being kind to the contributor? I don’t know.

An example of what I mean is the recipe below, that I found last week over at allrecipes for: Bread Machine Spelt Loaf. .(Note: I didn’t actually make it as printed btw, but I can tell there’s no way it would work for several reasons, the amount of flour used being one of them!)

Bread Machine  Spelt Loaf   (recipe not recommended as written here !!!)

Recipe by: Diane

Saved by 36


in 3
hours 5 mins
by:E. Wawruck
This bread is made
with spelt flour. Spelt is an ancient species of wheat, and spelt flour is
readily available in most supermarkets.


Serves: 12
  • 225ml (8 fl oz) water
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vegetable oil
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons honey
  • 400g (14 oz) spelt flour
  • 3 tablespoons
    dried milk powder
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 dessertspoon dried active baking yeast

method : Basic cycle of bread machine.

Prep:5 mins |Cook:3 hours

 The recipe-redo see page 2 is what actually worked and very well I might add. The texture and taste of this bread is just delish.

If you are wondering why I’ve added lemon juice, it’s a “miracle” ingredient when it comes to making bread, especially in a bread machine, that I’ve only recently started to incorporate with excellent results. You don’t taste the lemon juice at all, btw.

Note that spelt bread is a heavier loaf but with this recipe it still came out very finely textured. This one is a keeper! The redo that is. 😉 Let me know if you give it a try.

The photo does not do this bread justice. It’s has a gorgeous golden crust in reality!

Happy Baking!


My Bread Machine Spelt Loaf Redo!

1 C. boiling water

2 T. vegetable oil (I used organic canola)

2 T. honey

1 T. fresh lemon juice

3 C. light spelt flour (a bit more added while the dough was mixing, you’ll need to adjust for your own machine to achieve a smooth but still slightly moist ball of dough)

3 T. instant dry milk powder

1 teas. sea salt

1 teas. active (regular/traditional) dry yeast

To the 1 C. boiled water add the vegetable oil, honey and lemon juice. Cool to lukewarm. In another bowl, combine dry ingredients (except for yeast). Pour the liquid mixture into bread machine container, top with the dry ingredients and then the yeast.

Set machine for basic cycle, 1 1/2 pound loaf, light or medium crust.

Allow to cool a bit before slicing! Yummmm….


7 responses

  1. I have seen the flour, but not used it. Now that it is cooler, I am wanting to bake bread.

  2. This bread is so delicious. I’ve only had 1 slice so far, I want more. And I agree about the texture, very fine and easy to slice.

  3. G, sounds so good!
    I must try it!


  4. Hi Sandy, You won’t be sorry if you try this one. I used the light spelt flour btw, if you do try it. And do let me know how you like it!

    Hi Joe, The loaf is almost a goner LOL. I wonder who ate most of this? 😉

    Hi Margie, Is good, very good.

    Happy Baking, G

  5. Love home made bread. Thank you for standing up for truthful blogs about food, I have found a couple of recipes that looked and sounded so good but were horrible…. I wondered why they would post something like it and too wondered if they had even made the dish for an honest review! This bread sounds so good! Love the spelt….RaeDi

  6. Hi hear ya Rachael, I wonder that too and it happens all the time. Funny coincidence, I’m making this bread right now! Yummmm….it is so good, the redo that is. Consistent results. I am a real believer in adding a bit of lemon juice to make perfect loaves, it works so well. Thanks for stopping by. G

  7. Hey there Awesome G., I’m afraid I’m not a real girl, I can take photos, I can write, but cooking, well I eat raw, or throw it in the microwave…or you know order out or in…I don’t sow or knit or do any thing useful, In fact, as a woman, I’m kinda a failure….although I’ve been told I’m good in…never mind

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