My New (absolute) Favorite Organic Cotton Yarn!

This is definitely my new “go to” cotton yarn of choice! Sooooooo nice! And for so many reasons too.

You can read my complete review at: Paton’s Pure 100% Organic Cotton Yarn.

Happy summer crafting! 🙂

5 responses

  1. Now, this is a brand I recognize! I bought lots of it at Christmastime so my daughter could make socks for everyone. She likes the rag mixes.

  2. I haven’t tried Patons Pure Cotton yet but now I will definitely try it. I plan to make some market bags.

  3. Hi SandyL, This yarn would make wonderful socks! did you get a pair? 🙂

    Hi Diana, A bit hard to find, apparently Patons has discontinued this yarn (why???) but it is available around the web, the link I provide at my review blog is a starting point.

    thanks for stopping by, G

  4. PS: Update re: this yarn. I got an email from Patons. Apparently this yarn was not selling well enough to continue production. I’m surprised by this as its really really nice and organic yarns are certainly gaining in popularity. Definitely worth searching for though and still available at some sites online, including the link I provided to Amazon, with this review.

    Happy crafting, G 🙂

  5. Yeah, this organic cotton yarn looks wonderful and your blog is really nice.

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