The “Happiness is….?” contest

For the month of July, I am hosting a contest at one of my other blogs:

Take A Happy Break.


Stop by to join in the fun and enter to win one of several prizes too.

Spread the word and do share the link/contest button (the more the merrier!)

Hope to see you there! 🙂


5 responses

  1. Do I enter? I am trying to remember if I entered, I saw it on a day when i was so busy and don’t know if I entered or if I told myself to come back and enter? Such a beautiful cake….RaeDi

  2. Hi RaeDi, I just checked, yes you have entered the contest already, a great interpretation of happiness too. I can so relate to your comment. I visit a LOT of blogs too, sometimes forget where and when I commented. LOL

    Hugs, G 🙂

  3. PS: Thanks for all your comments, most appreciated. I’m glad we met via my contest. One of the perks of the contest for me, meeting new bloggers and finding great new blogs.

  4. I am going to be really shallow but “Happiness is a cosmopolitan while listening to the surf!

  5. Hi Diana, See you over at Happy Break, you can submit your entry there. I like it! :<)

Thanks so much for your comments!

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