A Mr. Cheddar Approved Joke!


“When you call a canine, they will come. When you call a feline, we take a message.

And MAYBE we will call back, if and when we feel like it. And definitely NOT during nap or din-din times!”


 Snort. I like that one. Headbonks from Mr. Cheddar, Celebrity Blogger

Ched and I both wish you a wonderful weekend! 🙂

7 responses

  1. That is really cute. And so true. Love you. Mr. C!!!

  2. Oh Ched, you are quite a jokester. Only Ched could think this up!

  3. And Mr. Cheddar loves all of you. He would send his own headbonks and best wishes but alas, he is a blogger with Blogger and not WP! So, on Ched’s behalf a hearty headbonk of gratitude to one and all!!!

  4. LOL love it wonderful Mr. Cheddar baby…..love this

  5. So Pretty and I like the jokes….RaeDi

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