On the Menu for Supper Tonight…


Mushroom Stroganoff with Herbed Pasta

A “staple” recipe for supper that I come back to again and again. I’m making it again tonight as the white button mushrooms were wonderful at the grocery store last night.

Tonight, I’m serving it with the Herbed Pasta (as shown) and baby carrots with parsley for a side veggie. Yumm…

Also a very popular recipe with visitors to this blog and many people who have my cookbook: Not Just for Vegetarians.

 It’s a great choice for summer too. Quick, easy, elegant and no oven to heat up!

See the next page for recipe link with reader’s comments.


Happy Summer and Happy Summer Cooking! 😉

Here’s the link to the original recipe with comments. Enjoy!!!

3 responses

  1. That looks so yummy. I need to go shopping.

  2. Yummy!
    Looks so good!

  3. If you like mushrooms, you will love this stroganoff. And I’ve been told, more than once that even confirmed mushroom “haters” have changed their mind’s about these little “gems” after trying this recipe. I am definitely a mushroom lover! 🙂

    Let me know if you give this one a try Teri and Margie.

    Happy Cooking, G :<)

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