Portable and Oh So Easy Summer Craft Projects: Dishcloths and Washcloths!


I started making my own dishcloths (all) and washcloths (some)  a few years ago (knit and crochet) after I got tired of buying and throwing out the store bought cloths that just don’t hold up to repeated uses and washing.

For only a small amount of time and money invested, anyone can make beautiful dishcloths/washcloths that work out to being a lot cheaper in the long run as they never seem to wear out!

Here’s a couple of the dishcloths that I’ve made again and again, featuring the crochet Sedge Stitch. It looks hard but it’s actually easy-peasy!

 I like rectangular dishcloths. They stay on the kitchen tap better, between uses.🙂



I recently noted this selection of 7 new dishcloth/washcloth  patterns over at Lion Brand, you might enjoy. Oh so pretty!  If you don’t already have an account to access their 1000’s of free patterns and newsletters, it’s definitely worth signing up for. It’s free and easy.

If you already make your own washcloths and/or dishcloths and have a wonderful free pattern link to share, please do.

And if you are just starting out with knitting or crochet, this is a very good way to start and costs so little too. Great for summer crafting, so portable!  

Happy Crafting!

4 responses

  1. I make try to do some crocheted ones this year. My knitting leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. My daughter makes these dishcloths and we all love them and put our orders in as needed.

  3. Hi SandyL, I actually prefer crochet too. I love to knit but I’m better at hooking. 😉

    Hi TeriC, Does your daughter have a fav pattern she uses? I’m always on the lookout for new ones. Knit or crochet? That’s so nice that she keeps you supplied.

    Happy Crafting, G

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been terrible about blogging but I do miss it because when I look back, it’s like a life diary. You are inspiring me. Thanks for the info on dishcloths. I have only knitted two in the past but they have lasted forever. Great travel project(s) for this summer!!

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