Save a Bundle, Make Your Own Sprouts!

We eat a lot of sprouts!

They are so refreshing and add a nice crunchy and nutritious addition to so many dishes, not just sandwiches. Great for wraps, in salads, rice bowls, casseroles…to name but a few.

I sprout: mung beans, alfalfa,mixed salad sprouts, red clover (the clover types are my favorite) and use a sprouter similar to the one pictured here, which I received as a gift.

What’s been a happy result and realization after a few months of making sprouts at home instead of purchasing them at the store is how much money we’ve saved!

A small ” clamshell” container of sprouts at the grocery store usually sells for around $3. For about the same price, a package of sprouting seeds can be purchased and used to produce many, many more sprouts for the same price, with relatively little work.

And fresh-tasting! You don’t realise how much better sprouts from home can taste until you give it a try. Much much better and I’m guessing a lot more nutritious too. The cleanliness factor is another consideration. When you make sprouts at home, you KNOW that you’ve rinsed them well, used clean water and containers. That can be an important health factor to consider as well.

The sprouter we have is handy to use but even a large jar is ok  to make sprouts at home. Here’s some easy instructions if you want to give this a try. I think the most important things to remember are: use a VERY clean container whatever you go with and plenty of rinsing during the sprouting process and before eating the finished sprouts, with clean, filtered water if at all possible.

If you’ve never tried sprouting before and have been buying the store-bought kinds it’s definitely worth the effort and small amount of time required. And the $$$ savings can be significant! A fun project to do with kids too.


5 responses

  1. I love sprouts!
    Have to try this!

  2. The sprouter works great and it certainly is cheaper than buying ready-made sprouts at the store. They taste better too and you know exactly how they are grown.

  3. I used to grow my own sprouts all the time but haven’t done so for ages. You have inspired me and I am going to get some going this weekend. I love cress. It is so tasty and peppery. Nom.

  4. Hi Margie, Thanks for stopping by at Veggies….too. Well worth the effort to make sprouts at home. Let me know if you give this a try!

    Hi Joe, We’ve saved a bundle on these I think and so much fresher tasting too.

    Hi Sel, Cress, I’ll have to look for that one. Do you have a sprouter with trays or use a jar?

    Happy Sprouting, G

  5. I love sprouts, what a good idea, I have enjoyed so many of your posts… I will be back another day, you have a good one….RaeDi

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