Some Knitting/Blogging/Diet News!

Knitting News first:

 Here’s one of my latest finished yarn projects, Easy Lace Shrug: pattern available here.











I made this in KnitPicks Serrano Shine Worsted and it really came out beautifully. I’m rather amazed that I knitted something that looks this complicated. It wasn’t really that hard to do, just had to keep focused (and Mr. Cheddar away!) on the pattern rows. I don’t know if I’ll ever make another shrug (thought it would be a bit more “coverage” in the front) but I do like how this one turned out. I think it will be very nice in the summer too, over lighter clothing. For now, I’m living in my “winter uniform” of black turtlenecks and jeans! LOL

Close-up of the pattern:


On to Blogging News:

I’m continuing to add/ build my review archives over at My Real Life Reviews. I have a lot of ideas for posts in the works, for a wide variety of products that I’ve personally used. I am really enjoying this new blog and I hope it will be a valuable resource for readers looking for all types of product reviews. Slowly but surely, the stats are going up! It takes a while, doesn’t it? In the meantime, what a great learning experience it continues to be. I am pumped about blogging once again. And it’s great having 3 blogs on the go!  

Two new reviews  posted today at My Real Life Reviews. Actually one for me and one for Mr. Cheddar. Hope you’ll stop by again soon.

And for  Thursday…. some diet news:

 Just posted another diet update, this time over at My Real Life Reviews. Wooo-hooo 22 pounds GONE!

Wishing you all a wonderful and productive week.🙂 I know mine’s off to a good start!

9 responses

  1. That is a beautiful shrug! Your talent amazes me. And that is a super color on you!

  2. This really does look complicated. It looks beautiful!

  3. Yes, it does look complicated. Shrugs are all the style now. It will look pretty with a summer outfit.

  4. Gorgeous. I wish I could make things like that. Sadly, I don’t have the skills. You are so talented!

  5. Thanks Sandy. Being an Aries, I’m a big fan of bright red. I love the color of this shrug too.

    Joe, thanks for all the referring with The Ched! I couldn’t have made this without you.;)

    SandyL, I agree on both counts. Do you crochet? I know you love to quilt, something that I am not good at but love the results. Quilts can be true works of art.

    Sel, I know you could make a lot of things you haven’t tried so far, crochet is one of them. You are very talented and these different crafts are just my ways of expressing myself. I’m sure you can relate. I wish I could write short stories like you do. Wonderful!

    Happy Weekend, G

  6. I love that shrug and i love the colour! Congrats on your weight loss , I know it’s hard but you’re doing GREAT! I am planning to update my blog very soon, had some more health issues and am trying to stay away from the comp lately. I’ve decided to quit smoking and sitting at the comp drinking coffee and smoking go hand in hand. Unfortunatly that means I’m way behind on my blog reading as well as on my own blog. I hope to have a new post up late sunday afternoon.

  7. You look stunning! The shawl is pretty great too! 🙂

  8. Hi Cathy, How nice of you to stop by. I hope you are feeling loads better by now. And yes, yes, DO quit smoking, its so worth it. Not that I’m a past-smoker (high school doesn’t count, right!) but I do know it’s one of the hardest things a person can kick but the health benefits are enormous. I wish you well with this worthy goal and I’ll stop by soon at your blog.

    Hi Ruinwen, Ahhhh… you are so nice.stunning? I don’t know about that but better, that I agree with, I am so happy that the weight loss plateau has come and gone, I lost a little more again, as of this morning. I’m glad you like the shrug too, it reminded me of your gorgeous red shawl, don’t ya think!

    Hugs to both of you, G

  9. wow. that shrug is beautiful. what a great knitting pattern! i love it.

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