Holiday Wishes!


I hope you find the true meaning of Christmas this season, just like Charlie Brown did, all those years ago…

Click on the link to read more about his magical tale and enjoy the video.


 Wishing you, all the good things in 2011.

Hugs and Happy Holidays, G 🙂

6 responses

  1. love this tribute to Charlie Brown! Happy Holidays!

  2. wishing you a lovely Christmas and beyond.
    Thank you for the note you left on my other blog~

  3. Even the little trees are good ones. Hope your Christmas has been a magical one, G. Wishing you a wonderful New Year XXX

  4. Hi Jane, Tammie and Sel, I wish all of you the best year ever. Thank you for stopping by, here and at My Poetic Path. Your visits and comments are always appreciated.

    And to all my readers, the very best in 2011.

    Hugs, G 🙂

  5. A tree with heart–or so I see that little red ornament. Beautiful post, Geraldine.

  6. It`s Charlie Brown`s christmas tree. Great photo, ” Merry Christmas Everyone”

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