A Good Add-On Recipe with Soup!

I’ve noted a lot of hits for this Cheddar Cheese muffin recipe in the past few days. There must be quite a few people searching for a good add-on/sides to go with soups, chili etc… this time of year.

These muffins are consistently good. Nice texture, quick to make and a wonderful flavor. I also make them without the herbs for a breakfast-type muffin (yummy with blueberry or blackberry jam). They would be perfect with the Cream of Cauliflower soup recipe (post directly below this one). Do let me know if you give these a try!

On the home front, I’m working on a number of projects (as usual) including getting a number of knit and crochet items blocked and ready to wear or give as gifts. There’s quite a stash of these, waiting! I blocked a beautiful moss green wool/hemp shawl last night and another one to do tonight. I will share pics as soon as I get a few more completed. It’s nice to finally see the final results. I don’t know why it’s sometimes hard to get to this final step. Is blocking ever fun? LOL  I’m making progress now.

I also have some online projects in the works that will be finalized soon. I’m very excited about these and again, will share more about this soon.

What are you working on this week? 🙂  Do tell!

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  1. I love your blog. I am glad to stop here toward the end of a long and challenging but very good week. I want those muffins. I will have to make them!

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