Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is coming up this Monday in Canada.

There are so many people and things I am grateful for, including my dear blog friends online. Thank you for your kindness, support and friendship. It’s amazing how we can connect via cyberspace and share so much common ground along the way.

In recent weeks, I have felt a shift towards abundance happening again in my life. It’s a very good feeling and a long time coming… Tangible differences day by day.

If you feel that life is rather a “drought” right now, for whatever reason, don’t give up. The ups and downs of life are inevitable. The good days will return, even when they seem so far away. Along with another brilliant sunny day. 🙂 

A bouquet of sunshine and hugs to all of you, G

4 responses

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you? Do Canadians do the whole turkey dinner thing? What do you usually fix?

  2. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I love pumpkin pie. Do you have one? Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend!

  3. happy thanksgiving to you, geraldine! living in abundance … keep that shift going!

  4. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Here’s to an abundant and productive week. G 🙂

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