Mr. Cheddar’s New Workout!



Mr. Cheddar and  I have both been making an effort lately to get more exercise and eat sensibly. For me, it’s been voluntary. For the Ched, let’s just say he’s not one to over-exert himself, unless of course yarn attached to knitting needles/a crochet hook is involved. 😉

 Since the passing of our dear Mitzi  last year, Mr. Cheddar has gotten a bit lazy to put it bluntly. In spite of our daily efforts to engage him in playtime, he’s still not convinced that a nap or a snack is ALWAYS a better idea.

Enter the SlimCat toy/exerciser! I found these at our local pet store last week. A plastic ball that you put treats/kibbles into and adjust the opening so that they come out (slowly) when the ball is moved around. It seems to be working. Mr. Cheddar is still happier when the grub shows up in his stainless steel chow-bowl, but he is getting ” the goods” from this new toy too, which we are subbing at mealtimes, a few times a week.

If you tried SlimCat with your own cat(s) let me know how it went, thanks!

Chiao for now, from me and the soon to be svelte Mr. Cheddar!


7 responses

  1. Now that is a neat idea!

  2. great idea- they have something similar for dogs- I think- haven’t tried them yet; I’m sure my doggies would love that though,

  3. Keep it up Mr. Cheddar! 😉

  4. What a fab idea. Go for it, Mr. C !!!!!

  5. Mr. Cheddar says thanks to you’all! He is really starting to get in the groove with his new exerciser/toy. 🙂

    Hugs to you all and a headbonk from the Ched, G

  6. What a cool idea! I’m glad it is working for Mr. Cheddar. 🙂

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