If You Like Rice Salads…


….you are going to love this one.

This was the first prize winner in a recipe contest that I hosted here at Veggies… in 2006.

Here’s the link to the original post with the complete recipe and reader’s comments.

I was planning to make another recipe next week that requires coconut cream and this recipe came to mind, to use up the coconut milk! 😉 I’m glad it did. This is truly a winner, in every way: taste,appearance,ease of preparation and a unique blend of flavors. Let me know if you give it a try.

Thanks again Jessie, wonderful work.


4 responses

  1. That looks delicious. And I love rice!

  2. I like rice, too, but have never made a rice salad. Do you have any other ones?

  3. Mmmm coconut….looks delish! 🙂

  4. I made this again last night, along with a mushroom brocolli salad, both served warm. YUMMMMM…. the only problem, hard to stop eating. 😉

    Sandy L, the other rice salad that comes to mind is in my cookbook: Rice and Red Lentil Salad, you might like that one too. I think you have NJFV but not sure. At this point I don’t think that recipe is here in the archives.

    Hugs to all and Happy Thursday, G

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