Why I am Loving Etsy!


I have only had my Etsy shop up and running since mid-August and already it’s been such a positive experience. I am amazed at all the advice, good vibes and promotions I’ve been getting from other Etsy members.

Today Lenore Moon is hosting a one day BNR (that’s Etsy lingo for buy and replace) featuring several new and more established shops. Some wonderful goodies to be found including handmade jewelry, fabric toys and clothing, jams, one of a kind T’s, candles….to name but a few.

Check it out at: Etsy Promotion.

With Christmas just around the corner (ok maybe 2 corners) it’s a great time to start checking out Etsy shops and keeping your favorites in mind for  future gift ideas. And what could be better than a beautiful handmade gift?

And who knows, you might find something you can’t resist for yourself. And we all need to treat ourselves from time to time, don’t we. 😉

Happy browsing….

2 responses

  1. I looked, but it was closed. Don’t worry, I will go back.

  2. Your site looks great! I’m glad you have had so much help and encouragement! 🙂

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