Earrings at Etsy!


Thought you might enjoy a sneak preview of a few of the newest additions being added to my Etsy Shop. Joe and I have been making earrings together during the past couple of weeks. So relaxing.

 I created and sold a variety of crafts for many years, in addition to teaching craft classes for adults and children. I also had a newspaper craft column for many years which resulted in the publication of my craft book: A Year of Crafts.

It’s been great to get back to making different types of crafts lately, in addition to the sewing and yarn projects that I usually have ongoing.

Hope you enjoy the browse. And remember, buy handmade whenever you can and do…SHOP ETSY! 😉      


 By the Sea



                        Beehive Black                                   


Revelstoke Grey          


Night Moves 


Moody Blues 


Arabian Nights 



Just a small sampling, much more to come.

Have a wonderful weekend!  



2 responses

  1. They are pretty! I didn’t know about the craft book.

  2. I can’t get over how talented you are. WOW. Those are gorgeous!

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