Top Post of the Week:Pasta Primavera with Fresh Pesto Sauce



I’ve been taking note of my blog stats a bit more recently. I was happy to see that my readership has been going up (significantly) over at My Poetic Path and also here at Veggies…. On the downside, not as many comments lately and some of my favorite blogs have shut down. 😦

I’ve decided to share the top post of the week (based on the previous 7 day stats) each weekend, here at Veggies….

I always enjoy reading posts at other blogs that I missed, the first time around and sometimes just to enjoy an “encore”. Hope you will too.

Here’s the  recipe and original post comments for  Pasta Primavera with Fresh Pesto Sauce.

Happy Cooking and Weekend! 🙂

5 responses

  1. Can I come and live with you, G? Seriously. I need you to cook for me. Your food looks so delicious. I’ll do the cleaning and provide the light entertainment 😆

  2. We like fresh pesto, too. I will try that recipe.
    Geraldine, I think the lower comments may be due to people using readers. I use Google to read, and then click to the blog if I want to comment. Is that what you do?

  3. Umm. Looks yummy…….

  4. It has been pretty cold here in the am and I haven’t planted my basil yet. But I lovvve a good pesto! Thanks for sharing! *hugs* 🙂

  5. Hi Sel, Can we take turns, 1/2 the year here in BC, half down under? I think Ched would like the kangaroos! 😉 He is sitting here with me, says: Meow to Auntie Sel (is that ok, he calls you Auntie!!!) I’d love to cook for you but in the meantime, you can try out my recipes yourself. I’ve got plenty more to share too. 🙂

    Hi Sandy, I still go the slower route, clicking on blogs to visit. I tried using readers before but usually I ended up going to the blog anyways so reverted back to plan A. I’m grateful for the upswing in stats nonetheless. At MPP it is overwhelmingly to read my haiku entries, I like that a lot. 🙂

    Hi Jackie, Is yummy and you’ve got my cookbook to refer to whenever you fancy this dish. I loved that your son loved my recipes too, made my day. Finicky eaters are my toughest challengers LOL. He’s such a cutie.

    Hi Ruinwen, Fresh pesto makes such a difference. How I would love to have a garden but not this year. 😦

    Hugs and Happy Cooking, G

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